to LA i go

sewing stuffs 4 polas

so all the work except for one piece that i finished today and will hand deliver... was picked up for my upcoming show a bit ago.

 sigh. almost relief. [real relief will be AFTER the opening]

last week in the studio i tidied up.
and shot some polas for fun.
i'm down to my last 4 packs of 600 film.

  thread tails polaroid

if you are around the Los Angeles vicinity and would like to see my new show and new work and say hi:

Migratory Patterns....
at Walter Maciel Gallery
2642 S. La Cienga Blvd in Culver City 90034
opens Saturday April 14th from 6-8 pm.
[now i just have to figure out what i'm going to wear].

the show will be up through May 26th if you are travelling to LA or can't make it saturday ;)

i'll be posting pics from the show/install/LA escapades.... i'm sure there will be some instagraming happening.

week 5 :: 3:26 - 4:01

week 5 of the drawings.

1. flowers collected by little on walk
2. tea
3. laptop bag
4. rotary tool
6. chinese orange gouache
7. yellow rubber coin purse
8. tissue

i'll ramble on and on about the new work once i post it here. you'll get sick of me talking about it....

and by the way - if you didn't get my newsletter and you didn't notice the tab above...  in other giant news... i'll soon have a book ! more on that soon too.

time to pack. and fret. and breath deeply.


ziazia said…
Oh oh how i wish your show opening would've been next week so i could go! Good luck and all my best wishes! (hope everything sells!).
And congratulations on the book!
Anonymous said…
CONGRATS from me, too, on the book. I know it has been a huge amount of work to get it the midst of your already very busy life.

A deep breath and the memories of successes at other opening receptions in the past should help you get through this one with less nerves. It is nerve racking to have one's work on display like that, eh? Someday you may even 'enjoy' attending these things!
kathrynclark said…
Nervewracking isn't it just before an opening? So exciting. Have a great trip. I might have the chance to see it, might be going down for an art weekend mid may ... hope so!!
Katrina said…
go, lisa, go! joining your cheering squad as you tackle the hard work of installing. you are SO close to relief/ opening. and i love those polaroid images of thread. yum.
louise said…
Huge congratulations on completing your new body of work. It's an exciting time, finishing and installing. Hope the opening goes a treat and all is a grand success for you. xolj PS Obviously wish I could visit and say hello at the opening, and give a hurrah in person.
Gracia said…
Yes, relief comes after the opening... but never seems to stay around all that long, I find. Congratulations to you, Lisa... and once more I am longing to see your work and an exhibition of yours in person. One day.

Hurrah on your GIANT news too. A book!? Exciting stuff.
Lari Washburn said…
A book? Yay!!! What and when? Many congratulations!

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