did you think i quit?

first off i would like to thank you for the very very kind words on my recent show. it means a lot to me that you take the time to offer congrats and to say such nice things. thank you....

i'm still at it... every day. a small drawing.....
week 6 : 4-01-4-08

1. plastic easter egg
2. pin cushion
3. small plum from our ornamental tree
4. flowers from mom
5. small plastic orange bowl
6. ranunculus [again]
7. berries from our walk

as i continue i'm reminded that sometimes i make REALLY CRAPPY drawings.

week 7 : 4-09-4-15

1. cymbidium
2. duckie [ducko]
3. onions at vacation house
4. my ring
5. bowls at vacation house
6. weird oars at vacation house
7. small salad bowl

and that's OK. it's ok to make mistakes and hate what you've just done. it's OK to just let it go and move on. it's just good to move my hand around. even when it feels like a chore or even if i'm chiding myself for drawing flowers [yet AGAIN].

week 8 : 4-16-4-22

1. orange balloon dog
2. wisteria
3. geraniums in vintage blue glass vase
4. wisteria petals
5. dead fishie
6. feather
7. mexican hats

we are in the throws of the end of the semester. i usually really love the final presentations my professional practice class does. they are usually more relaxed by this point. they've already bared their souls at some time during the semester so there is less shyness and hiding.... less exciting is the mound of grading that i will have to confront over the next couple of weeks.

week 9 : 4-23-4-29

1. vintage blue car toy
2. magnolia pod
3. flowers from yard [in own vases per little]
4. tiny crayons from connie
5. bobbin
6. crochet hook
7. piggie [squeaky dog toy co-opted by little]

in fact one student said something that i think will be with me for a long long long time.  he said : "damn near close to unbelievably boring is a good place to patrol"

i couldn't have said it any better. especially as i'm making the rounds....

have a good weekend. i've been working on some new stuff for the up coming san francisco art fairs. i'll have work at both of them i think... [artMRKT with fouladi projects and art pad with walter maciel]. 

happy weekend. 


Anonymous said…
I really admire your commitment to do a drawing a day. And I enjoy even your 'crappy' drawings because they show mundane, little things in a new light. Looking forward to seeing the new work you are putting together for the SF fairs.
Hang in there with the final projects grading!
Katrina said…
good for you for continuing this process. and i love your flowers even if you draw them every day. especially the magnolia pod. but i also love the bobbin. and the crochet hook. and the berries. and and and. your summer is almost here! xoxo.
Gracia said…
"damn near close to unbelievably boring is a good place to patrol"

Yes, I like this too.

And I like seeing all your daily drawings too.

Practice, practice, practice... keeping at it... plugging along... always learning. Push, push... there's no other way. Who'd have this art stuff any other way?

g xo
I like this drawing exercise, and your drawings. A little something every day is a good model for so many things.
bugheart said…
so inspiring...
i will have to
try this
in june.

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