week 10 + good eats + a collar !

week 10 :: 4-30 - 5-6

week 10: a very black and white week. i like how the whole set then reads well together even though they have nothing in common.
1. camilia
2. sunglasses
3. raspberry
4. fan brush
5. vintage safety pin
6. wooden cat figurine
7. kuma cup + grading

my friend sydney cohen and i have been going out to lunch now and again. it's really delightful actually. we talk art. we are scheming a plan for something to do together in the future. we talk about other stuff. she gave me the above tiny colored pencil necklace [love !]. the best part is i'm using it as an excuse to try out all the great restaurants that have been popping up in oakland [at least the ones that are open for lunch]. [we are number 5 on the new york times top places to visit in 2012 thank you very much].

boots and shoe service. impeccable interior decor [including heath tile] and an incredible pizza and salad. the pastries were UH-MAZING too [pistachio tart to die for].

bocanova [good interior pics here]. jicama salad, warm wilted greens and fried chicken sandwich. this is definitely a ladies who lunch/take your parents spot. we sat outside and looked at the water/boats in jack london square.

sometimes we go for breakfast, not lunch and we've also been to pizzaolio, aunt mary's900 grayson, la note, and a pho place. now i'm trying to scout out what we can try next ! any suggestions?

the other day - THIS CUTE COLLAR arrived in my mailbox. it's amazing how a nice piece of surprise mail can just make your day. thanks a million times over to amy karol for sending it. which reminds me....

i've been using her facial oil for awhile now and i love love love it. it's all organic and my skin really likes it... i love when amy posts about make-up on her blog because i feel like our tastes are the same and i don't go play with make up [or really wear it, but i still like it... yes that makes no sense. so what]...

i'm off of teaching for 3 weeks. i'm either crazy or broke or both but i said yes to a completely compacted 5 week summer school course [4 hours a day 4 days a week. GULP]. i'm not sure exactly how it's going to all work. i think i'll definitely need more coffee.... i'm also thinking i might use those 5 weeks to take a bit of time off in the studio. or realistically with only 1 full studio day take it a bit easier. maybe play a bit more. i'm also thinking it might be useful see those 5 weeks as re-organize and do some stuff to the house time. we are sorely in some need of a sofa cushion update and other such home things... maybe make some clothes for the little [that would be ambitious]. we'll see....


Anonymous said…
Bocanova is also VERY good for dinner! Tasty and yet still reasonably priced food.

If you like crepes, the Crepevine is good. You can order theirs or do a make your own with a good salad.

The Phomn Penh House at 3912 MacArthur in the Laurel District offers good, inexpensive Cambodian fare. Lots of veggies and other good stuff to eat!
bugheart said…
i am SO loving
drawing a day...
i appreciate the
that it's okay
to hate
your drawings
some days...
in/on what
do you draw?
i want to
do it too
but i'll just try
for one month
and see..

so much
other goodness...
hard to comment
on it all...
love the
necklace & collar...

and that
last photo
of the chairs...
louise said…
Broke or crazy, I know the feeling. Best of luck with the teaching ahead. xolj

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