knot thread stitch is real.

hello there. i've been yelling it off the mountain top so pardon me if you are sick of this news... but i'm attempting to practice the idea that it's OK to talk about things you are excited and proud of.

my BOOK. the one i authored. the one that took me over a year to put it together. the one where i invited 19 friends, colleagues and people i admired to either make a project or be in the inspirational gallery [full list here]. is out. it's here. it's real. it has pages. that you can turn. as someone pointed out - it has a spine. with my NAME on it....

photo credit: andrew paynter

i thought i'd share just a little bit of the behind the scenes here. because if there is one thing that i've learned in this experience... there is a lot behind the scenes in book making [and funny rules. like don't include too much ENGLISH in your projects]. sure there are the characters you'd expect - an editor [and mine was beyond fantastic], a photographer [oh yes he was also a phenom - and responsible for these images], a copy and a tech editor, a slew of designers...

photo credit: andrew paynter

but really - i wrote it. every. single. word. i had to think about what was really important to include. what wasn't needed - and what occasionally just had to go. i project managed all my contributors. i was the photo stylist.  [see me above? - below is what we really shot]. i made and re-made all the projects. i embroidered the title. i took my own in-progress photos. i agonized over it. stressed about it. and the whole time couldn't believe it was happening. i mean really. a book? who thought i could do this?

photo credit: andrew paynter
but it's here. it's available. it's out in the world. for sale. [gulp]. and there is going to be a party. a launch party. and hopefully down the road some other workshops and maybe even signings [but who would want to come and have me sign their book? really ?!?!].

so come if you can.
the Curiosity Shoppe
845 Valencia Street between 19th/20th

photo credit: andrew paynter - he even got a couple photos of me i don't hate.
now and again i'll post little interviews here on the blog with the folks that contributed and made this all possible. and i'll keep this page updated with any events/news etc.

must remember to keep breathing. i am ALMOST done with summer school - i can practically touch that light at the end of the tunnel. and by the way - i added mark bradford to my make believe collection


sophia said…
fantastic lisa...congratulations!
abigail*ryan said…
Um, I think you should absolutely be shouting about this from the top of the mountain... so excited for you.

And each and every time I see the cover, my stomach does a little flip because my Sycamore seed drawings are on the cover!!

very cool ;) Xxx
Blair said…
You have so much to be proud of! You are amazing, truly!
Congratulations Lisa! You should shout it from the mountain - what a great achievement... and from the images here it looks very inticing. Wishing you great success with the book.
Tony said…
Lisa, I'm so happy your book is here!!! I'm definitely going to put in an order for a signed copy! So so so happy for you and can't wait to flip those pages!
Anonymous said…
So GREAT, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC for you! Take a huge, deep breath and savor the pleasure over a job extremely well done....for a few moments anyway.

Then get down to business grading papers and/or projects for summer school, eh?
claire platt said…
literally can't wait to get my hands on this! I can just tell it will be incredible!
emily said…
i got a message that mine shipped, but now we're away and i won't see it until i'm home again. itching to have it in my hands. (and WISHING you could sign it in person!) so proud of and thrilled for you, lisa. xoxo.
anika said…
Congratulations!! I actually saw your book while browsing on Amazon. I was excited to see you were the author, but had no idea it was so new. Can't wait for my copy to arrive--if only I lived in CA, I'd definitely go to the signing! :)
anika said…
Congratulations!! I actually saw your book while browsing on Amazon. I was excited to see you were the author, but had no idea it was so new. Can't wait for my copy to arrive--if only I lived in CA, I'd definitely go to the signing! :)
Kathryn said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Lisa, the book is AWESOME!! I've been meaning to email you but vacation interfered. I have been enjoying every wonderful page, so thank you so much for the copy. It's obvious that so much hard work went into it, and it's so well done! You are truly amazing in all that you do.
Christine said…
YAY!!! wish I could come! can't wait to see it!!! congrats lady!
Sonya Philip said…
Congratulations! I'm putting the date down in the calendar and hope to make it.
and it is beautiful! congrats, lisa!
Gracia said…


Shout away!

It is more than okay to talk about or introduce that which you are proud of. Such hard work needs to be celebrated and shared with friends and family and the wider rings that surround. Besides, no one else really can quite like you, I have found. Promote your ideas and new things and artwork as only you can. I always enjoy swinging by and seeing what you are making or reading what ideas and thoughts you are sharing.

Here's to good news and your great book. Bravo!

annamaria said…
Congratulations Lisa!!!It looks amazing:)
Life in Yonder said…
Congratulations Lisa!!! Well deserved. I am sure you have had lots of fun with it as well as lots of hard work. Now enjoy the fruits of it all. Warm hugs!
louise said…
Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah!!!!! I'm thrilled for you Lisa, really thrilled. xoxolj

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