random knot/thread/stitch note: i'll be doing a live internet radio interview tomorrow - Sunday the 22nd at 3:30 pm. you can listen in here ::  artistically speaking with rebecca e. parsons  [the show will be archived so you can listen after the fact too]

who doesn't like gifts?
i've been getting some good stuff lately, so i thought i'd share:

jet pens sent me these uniball signo pens to try...

the verdict? i like them. .38 is a good size. my all time favorite pen to use is still the .3 hi-tec-c pens - so this is a tad bigger...

i REALLY like the orange and blue colors - they are nice shades.  i think i'll be using the red ones to grade with... i'm always looking for a good grading pen. i tend to stay away from red, but i like how these write, so i'm going to put the red to use that way... the others i think i'll carry around w/ me in my purse.

the last time i was on their website i spied these.... 

pentel fude touch.... yeah. they look REALLY good.... jet pens is dangerous. [in a good way]. 

 :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

karina sent me the nicest flickr mail asking if i'd like to do a textile letter exchange with her... she's an awesome textile designer in DENMARK... who doesn't like a fun penpal? she sent me this:

and then i spied this small cross stitch on her instagram feed and she ended up sending it as well. lucky me. it's now hanging in the office

you can see what i sent her on her blog

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 

it never surprises me anymore how people just know what i'll like. eling [migration goods / rhino fluff] and i met last year at renegade. she was modify/d's next door neighbor and we talked a lot in between talking to customers. she makes these great toasts - the little has one which she named toast brother. anyway she and her hubby were in town so we went to tacubaya, and i took her to lacis [which really can't be matched. where else would you spy a whole case of vintage japanese silk embroidery thread?].

she brought the above templates from her latest taiwan trip. l.o.v.e. and a cute cherry blossom hair pin. YES. thanks lady !

and we went to castle in the air - where i spied these vintage metal japanese cars that had to come home with me. 

and for good measure i'll share these too. went thrifting the other day [mostly for clothes for the little to stick into her earthquake kit for PRESCHOOL - yes i just typed that], but also came across some other goodies:

the plastic molds are for jello. which i am convinced is going to be the new cupcake. you know how trendy cupcakes got awhile back? [then cake pops and now macaroons] jello is next. i promise you. the little tea cups are also for the little. when i was a child my folks gave me milked down coffee and tea in a REAL tea cup just like an adult and i loved it. thought i should keep up that tradition.

and then there was a pile of these sake cups. and i thought. how cute. vintage japanese - what's with the marble on the bottom? no idea....

and then i washed them. 

when they have liquid in them a little photo comes into focus. i think these are all supposed to be geisha. i'm guessing the cups are 40's/50's based on the mark and the photos, but no idea. i can't find out much about them online - i've seen some newer versions that people are calling "magic sake cups", but not any other vintage ones. it was SUCH a surprise - in a great way - to all of a sudden see these little faces in the cup. the second the liquid is gone the photo disappears to. it's nice to be amazed sometimes....

ok. that's a lot of gifties. have a good weekend !


Everything is so lovely- you are a lucky girl to have all these talented friends! And the magic sake cups are brilliant. What a find:)Hope to hear the interview - will you post a link later? Have fun!
louise said…
Such an array of treasure. xolj PS Sorry I haven't been to visit of late.
Anonymous said…
WOW, what a treasure trove of goodies you found. I especially like the little cars and the sake cups....AMAZING! The little must be thrilled with her own set of tea cups to drink from.
Gracia said…
I'm a uniball signo pen fan, and love these little and wonderful gifts you've sared here, dear Lisa, from said pens to sake cup beauty. Enjoy your summer days, friend. xo
bugheart said…
holy moly
those geisha
tea cups
are SO COOL!!!
i like the idea
of giving v
milked down
tea in a cup...
my brother send me
a cute little
vintage tea cup
for her.
Christine said…
the cups are amazing! and wow, I love what you got from Denmark! so kind and wonderful! what you sent her was really special too. such an awesome idea!
blair said…
Oo, I can't wait to hear your radio show. And those cups are the coolest thrift find ever. Wouldn't you love to know how they do that. I feeling a diy attempt if I figure it out! xo

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