knot thread stitch - the peeps {and a little story}

my version - photo is taken after cake has been in the fridge so the color is a bit off.

it was the hubby's birthday yesterday. he's not a dessert man [gasp!], but he does like rhubarb so i was asking him what rhubarb dessert he'd like for his party. the little could not get over the fact that he didn't want a cake ! 

little: dada ! you should have cake ! why don't you like cake ?! i like cake!!
me: well, there is a rhubarb updside down cake. i could make that
little: yes ! i'll eat cake upside down ! and then i'll turn it over and eat it right side up too !!

could not stop laughing. 

martha stewart's  picture [taken from their website]
so i made the upside down cake - AND rhubarb strawberry slab pie. both Martha Stewart recipes and both good i must say. it was really my first time making a pie crust from scratch [SO MUCH BUTTER]. the cake has a crumble on the top that ends up on the bottom which really makes it tasty [and easy to eat in either direction then]. i also added raspberries to the cake which worked well [the little's request].


more knot thread stitch peeps:

image courtesy of andrew paytner

when i got asked to do the book the editor asked if i had a photographer in mind i could hire to shoot the images for the book. andrew paytner floated into my head. i met him when he was working for juice design  and they curated me into an art show [they had shows in their spaces now and again]. every once and awhile andrew sends out an email with an image of something he's shot and i always always was captivated by his work.  

i was thrilled that he was willing and able to shoot for my book ! he "got" my vision and projects immediately AND encouraged me to make fun and daring styling choices. there was no budget for a photo stylist/models - so everything you see was styled by me with help from andrew, every person is me [mostly w/ my face hidden], my studio, my house, my props -- you get the idea. we also set the world record for photo shoots i think. we ended up doing 5 - and they all were 5 hours or less ?!?! quick quick we were !

image courtesy of andrew paytner and one of my all time favorites of his !

andrew's answers to my questions

:: quick - without thinking - what is your favorite color RIGHT NOW


:: what is your favorite comfort food?what is your favorite comfort food?

It's a tie. Grits ( for my Southern roots ) and Pho ( influence from my wife and her family )

:: why did you agree to be in knot thread stitch ? ;) can you give us any insight or behind the scenes info on the project you contributed?

I agreed to shoot photographs primarily because I'm a friend of LIsa and I admire her and her work. It was a multi part project, which made it fun and a good excuse to connect once a month or so. We spent several hours at a time in her light filled studio ( everything was shot with natural light ) and her home snapping away and creating compositions. It was a nice challenge, as the scale of her work is very macro. It's all about details.

:: what book/tv show/song/blog/insert whatever it is here/ is just making you SO happy RIGHT NOW?

The Invisible Spectator ( Paul Bowles biography ), Arrested Development ( reruns ), 'Caroline Goodbye by Colin Blunstone, ( blog ), My wife + daughter.

:: do you have a craft/art/studio routine that makes everything go smoother? Would you share it with us?

I don't have any routine, aside from waking up and having breakfast and a walk with my daughter most days. I still shoot film and go to the dark room and make prints in an analog manner. I keep a studio in the Mission of San Francisco where I mainly sit, listen to NPR and make calls / emails. I tend to go weekly to SF Moma for inspiration and make time to go skateboarding.

image courtesy of andrew paytner and part of why i wanted to hire him. he makes artists look good

check out andrew's website, particularly the working artists  section [image above is from that], and his blog. thanks andrew for taking such great pictures !!


Heather said…
Whoah, really good choice of photographer. I remember seeing his work ages ago - those photos of Serena Miller in particular really stayed with me. I would never have guessed that you had done the work quickly or that you didn't have a pro stylist or model if you hadn't told me!
Anonymous said…
Both the pie and the cake were DEEEEEE-LICIOUS!

Fascinating to learn about Andrew's work, etc. Thanks for sharing.
Gracia said…
Both the upside down cake and rhubarb strawberry slab pie have me drooling. It may only be morning here, but I'd love a slice of either... or both.

Congrats on your book!

Sophia said…
I love a girl who is open to different ways..."...i'll eat cake upside down..right side up...";)
Enjoying the bits about your book here and the process in the making of it. Also, taking my time to reading and enjoying my own personal copy:)

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