weekly drawing catch up

hey... before i get to the drawing catch up some news bits ::
ONE:: don't forget that tonight is my book launch party at the curiosity shoppe - 5-7 pm - 845 Valencia Street between 19th/20th
TWO:: if you haven't heard - poppytalk is hosting a give-a-way of knot thread stitch + a kit and tea towel from abigail*ryan [which i used for a project in the book]. it closes on tuesday the 17th!  enter to win!
THREE:: other knot thread stitch sightings on the internets: lisa congdon, blair - wisecraft, craftside [if you've posted about it let me know ! shoot me an email or leave a comment]

so here we go. weeks and weeks of drawings to catch up. [i'm just glad i've kept it going... and was excited to see that bugheart started up her own version !]
week 11 :: 5.07 - 5.13
1. my favorite muji pen/pencil 2. carmex 3. millie 4. plastic bunny hair clip 5. yogurt container 6. vintage wooden toy plane 7. pencil sharpener [fav this week is the yogurt or carmex]

week 12 :: 5.14 - 5.20
1. tulips 2. screw 3. orange plastic thimble 4. pantone book 5. big tootie's bootie 6. candlestick 7. glass [fav this week is the pantone book]

week 13 :: 5.21 - 5.27
1. plant pod/seeds 2. wooden train 3. flower 4. tonka 5. macaroon book 6. radishes from farmers market 7. dandelion picked by little [fav this week is the pods]

week 14 :: 5.28 - 6.03
1. orange pencil 2. savex lip stuff 3. blue bottle coffee sent to grub 4. plastic gold horsie 5. pen cap 6. red scissors 7. screwdriver [fav this week is the blue bottle coffee]

week 15 :: 6.04 - 6.10
1. japanese bento fork 2. guitar pick 3. mama duck watering can 4. cherry pits and stems 5. orange slice 6. d watching celtics 7. flower [fav this week is d watching celtics]

week 16 :: 06.11 - 06.17
1. nail clippers 2. sandals 3. wood top 4. pliers 5. shirt for papa 6. succulent 7. highlighter pen [fav this week is the pliers - followed by shirt for papa as a close second]

week 17 :: 06.18 - 06.24
1. good earth tea bag tag 2. "b" block 3. dahlia 4. plum jam from kathryn clark 5. water glass 6. ball mason jar 7. peonies [fav this week is the plum jam which was DELICIOUS]

i've gone thru two entire sketchbooks already. amazing ! i'm currently using an orange one.... ;)
till next time !


bugheart said…
wish i could
go to
your book signing.
i need to order
a signed copy
of the book.

have fun

i love
seeing what
your favorite
drawings are.

annamaria said…
Your daily drawings are always such an inspiration- I absolutely admire your discipline and creativity. Have fun at the book launch party:)
Anonymous said…
THANKS for catching us up on your daily drawings. So many to like! But I really prefer the way in which you draw flowers.....enough detail to catch the delicate beauty but not too much. WONDERFUL!!
louise said…
Looking great. Particularly seeing several weeks all on mass. My favourite is the screwdriver followed closely by Tonka. xolj

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