daily drawings weeks 18-23

hello hello - first a knot thread stitch note. i'm going to be on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinksi - a live internet broadcast - next Wed. August 22 from about 1-2pm pacific time. i have NO IDEA what we'll be talking about besides the book-- we'll see...

OK. 6 weeks of drawings to catch up on. it's funny how some weeks i'm definitely more lazy or strapped for time than other weeks. but the whole idea is to just KEEP doing it. i'm prepping my syllabi for semester [starting in a little over a week. bye bye summer], and i'm teaching a beginning drawing class this time around. i'm going to have them do a sketchbook and they have to do something daily. at least this time i can tell them that hey - i'm doing it too ! see how lame some of my drawings are?!? the point isn't to shoot for greatness. the point is to do it. discipline and practice.

also just FYI if anyone is looking for an interesting take on the future of art school - i just downloaded and started reading a frances stark edited book. so far i really like it ! it's FREE too. 
week 23 :: 07:30-08:05
week 23: 1. knife 2. strawberry 3. water with lime 4. plastic bowl with spoon 5. kazoo 6. plastic mini A's helmet [from our first baseball game with little] 7. star bubble maker wand

fav this week the kazoo, but frankly these are all kind of lame.
week 22 :: 07:23-07:29
week 22: 1. squirt water bottle in the studio 2. leather rattle 3. hairtie from sally 4. medical advertising pen 5. small number stamps 6. highligher maker 7. nigella flower

this weeks fav - sally's hairtie
week 21 :: 07:16-07:22
week 21: 1. D's tea 2. mille 3. freebe cat bag 4. snack pouch 5. orange flowers 6. blueberries 7. embroidery floss

this weeks fav: millie - although i do really like the blueberries. you can't tell at all in the above, but they are subtly painted with watercolor.
week 20 :: 07:09-07:15
week 20: 1. package of red buttons 2. embroidery scissors 3. bo-sox hat 4. baby monitor 5. glass 6. gregoire packaging 7. D's shoes

this weeks fav the buttons
week 19 :: 07:02-07:08
week 19: 1. water bottle 2. embroidery hoop 3. cucumber slice 4. pledge 5. lollipop stick 6. feather 7. embroidery floss

this weeks fav: cucumber slice
week 18 :: 06:25-07:01
week 18: 1. knotted twine 2. bouncy ball 3. metal small pitcher 4. actual size q-tip 5. crayon 6. spool of thread 7. lulu

this is a better week. i like the twine, q-tip and the crayon.

i'm trying to squeeze in a couple of things before school starts. what are you all doing/ did you do with your ends of summers?


Anonymous said…
Thanks for remembering to post your daily drawings. I enjoy seeing so many 'mundane' things depicted with such 'simplicity.'

I hope you enjoy your interview coming up on Weds. Since I have other commitments that day of the week, I will not be able to listen to it live. But I hope I can catch it later on.....
Sophia said…
Lisa..these are not "lame," but at the same time I admire your attitude in the doing, the open and honest sharing, and the discipline in your work.
anika said…
I love these posts! I've been doing a "doodle a day" for August, and it's been an interesting practice to (try to) draw something everyday. It's a good reminder to hear that it can be simple--that the point isn't necessarily the outcome, but rather the "doing". Going to keep this in mind for the rest of the month and hopefully have fewer "catch up" days.
Jan Halvarson said…
to me they are all extra ordinary! especially the spray bottle! : )
Kathryn said…
I love these little drawings, they're not lame! Nothing is lame :-) If I were to put pen to paper my week would be full of drawings of produce, tomatoes every day likely. These drawings inspire me to start up a daily project again, they lead to so many wonderful things in our own major work. Next week, I will do it ... thanks for the inspiration!
Gracia said…
I love seeing these drawings of yours in a sequence, and discovering which your favourite is. As always, your posts inspire me to be creative. Thank-you. Am in something of a creative blah meets rut, so I will tuck this optimism under my wing and see what comes. Ah, the highs and lows of making art, no?

g xo
Katrina said…
hooray, hooray, hooray! just keeping doing it. i completely agree. and, of course, these are lovely little drawings all by them selves too.

so good to finally see your gorgeous studio! hi you.

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