so much randomness

so this is what happens when i don't post often. you get a bunch of randomness. part of me wishes i had it together to post every couple of days - like i did in the good old days [when i walked 5 miles in the snow to get to school]. but life is what it is. 

i took my students to visit sonya philip's studio the other day. you can see it on poppytalk. i also spied the above color palette on one of her mate's walls. color palettes ALWAYS do it to me. always. 

i also just posted jen garrdio's studio on poppytalk. with hers you really get to see it as is because i just happened to be there and asked if it was OK if i took photos to do a post. there was no clean-up or staging... kind of nice. everything is in progress and all over the place. like a real workspace.

speaking of studios... i'm in that space. the calm before the potential storm. i have a solo show next fall at fouladi projects. a solo show close to home. been awhile. excited and daunted. and i have to start NOW. 

need that cushion. the oh i thought this is going to work, but oh crap it didn't. the yes sometimes my work is labor intensive and so i need as much time as i can...

and this time. this time i have a CRAZIER than normal idea. one where i might need more help. people out in the world help. crochet help. more on this soon as i figure everything out - but i'm hoping [praying actually] that if this idea is a go that there will be some people out HERE that will want to help me. i think i'm going to need a lot of doilies. really people A LOT of DOILIES. 

above are 2 dumb doodles i did on vintage button cards. basically just messing around because if i go completely cold in the studio it's a long-ass haul back up the mountain. 

are you ready for halloween? with the little around it's much more festive around here - we made spider cupcakes today. [kit courtesy of joann craft stores]

the little determined how many eyes each would have. we had 1, 2, 3 and 5 eyed spiders....


meet the latest addition to our menagerie. gyoza. he was dumped at hubby's work. no owners. had to have his front leg amputated. so yeah. now we have 2 tripods in the house [3rd all time]. 

and if that little fur face doesn't make your heart break then check this out:

miss millie has declared herself his surrogate mama. you should see when they lick each other's faces. it's too cute for words. true love.


Anonymous said…
Gyoza and Millie make a lovely pair!

The spider cupcakes look wonderful. Any more photos of them?!?
emily said…
love the randomness! and i can't wait to hear your idea...
Kathryn said…
Oh man, that last photo is TOO sweet! Love the two studio visits ... how many times have I walked right past Sonya's studio?! I didn't realize she was at bryant!
I will help if you could use me! xo
Sophia said…
Am really loving your work on the vintage button cards lisa.
Jesse Lu Bain said…
1. So thankful you arranged to take us to Diana's studio when I was in your class.

2. So wish I could've also come along to Sonya's studio.

3. If I can help you with doilies from out here in the Land of Entrapment (as I know understand it to be) I am happy to. Let me know.
Gracia said…
"...because if i go completely cold in the studio it's a long-ass haul back up the mountain."


Good luck. You can do it!

And thanks for sharing those snuggly pet loves.
louise said…
Oh my how adorable. gyoza and millie. Just lovely. xolj

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