INTERWOVEN :: an online class

hello friends - big big news here....

a few months ago my pal katrina emailed me with an idea. what if we taught a class? online.

what if we took what we know and love about craft and art and textiles and DIY and making and spun it into a class? one that anyone, anywhere, at any skill level could take. one that could potentially teach you a whole new skill - or perhaps would get you out of your creative funk - or cajole you into trying a craft/technique that you've always wanted to, but haven't taken the plunge yet.

what if we created a little community of like minded makers? makers who, like us, want to explore, push, develop, jump across, erase and any other verb you'd like to insert here the divide and relationship between art and craft.

so yeah. instead of what if - it's WE ARE.

INTERWOVEN :: make : thread : craft : art is what we are titling it.

it will run from February 4 - March 1, 2013 [although you'll have access for a whole extra month].

there will be 4 weeks. 4 projects :: crochet : soft sculpture : embroidery : mini quilt

there will be posts daily on the blog with video techniques, inspiration, possibilities of where to take this technique, an interview with a maker using the technique, and a list of resources/tools.

there will be a facebook page, a flickr group, and feedback from us [anyone who wants it will get feedback - and if you've been here before, you know i'm SERIOUS about my feedback].

through december 15th we are offering the class for $99. after the 15th it will be $125.

you know what, though? you can watch this ridiculous video [i HATE me in motion] where we talk about it - and get an exorbitant about of information HERE.

so if this is something you are interested in - please go. [or click that little button below] sign up. maybe it's the perfect gift, maybe you want to do it with a friend...  we'd love to meet you. it will be fun.

so there you have it... HAPPY THANKSGIVING [i am not believing the year is almost over]

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Vanessa Uttaro said…
Awesome idea, congratulations!! :)
Anne Marie said…
That was the cutest video EVER! :-)))
Your embarrassed you looks very cute

Kathryn said…
Ah ha! I knew this was coming, exciting! I'll spread the word around. I love the video, SO cute!
Anonymous said…
WOW! What a great video and a wonderful idea. I will pass it along to some 'crafty' friends of mine in hopes that they will consider taking the class. And pass it along to friends of theirs, etc.

CONGRATS and best wishes for success!!
Katrina said…
hooray, hooray, hooray! so excited to offer this class with you, friend. and you are TOO cute on camera. yes, you are. xoxooh.
Gracia said…
Such a great idea and sure to be a roaring success and tremendous fun too. Good luck!

Feels crazy that it is almost the end of the year. Galloping towards 2013. Madness!

louise said…
Sounds fantastic Lisa, Hope you have a crowd signed up already. xoxolj

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