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tiger lily, a painting that will be in "little stars"
miss crab might be my first real internet friend. she was one of the first people to comment on this blog and i think the first internet person i met for reals in life. [and set the stage for what became a series of magical internet meet-ups]

i love her quirky sense of humor. i love that she loves pies. she makes incredibly good robots, and birds [i know, i own one]. and the second i knew i was making a book i knew i wanted her to do a project in it... and she graciously agreed. 

tootles, a plushie that will be in "little stars"

she's opening a show on saturday  [dec. 1] from 2-5 pm : little stars : all the work is based on peter pan. [johanna wright  and thea saks are also in the show] - and i wish i could go just to see the TENT. it's at cella gallery in noho/los angeles and you should go. especially if you have littles. 

1. quick – without thinking what is your favorite color RIGHT NOW

green - always green - I am loving a sort of grey green fern kind of color right now

the tent at cella gallery

2. what is your favorite comfort food?

a warm piece of pie

3. why did you agree to be in knot thread stitch ? ;) can you give us any insight or behind the scenes info on the project you contributed?

I was honored to be in knot thread stitch! I did the finger puppets. I love that you asked me to do robots, because I think that is how we bonded way back when we met though the internets. I remember loving some robots that you had created. I also like to create in the sweet zone and I don't think finger puppets can be anything but sweet.

image of drawings for show from wendy's instagram stream

4. what book/tv show/song/blog/insert whatever it is here/ is just making you SO happy RIGHT NOW?

I love the tv show once upon a time. its totally up my alley - re imagined fairy tales is sort of my sweet spot, where I like to live.

5. do you have a craft/art/studio routine that makes everything go smoother? Would you share it with us?

after I finish one kind project I try and clean up the space to start again. I work in a couple different styles {painting & sewing being the main ones} and I have a small working space, so I definitely have to reset. if I don't things get really crazy in my head. the clean up is like a deep breath.

tinkerbell in progress - will be at cella show - also taken from wendy's instagram stream

thanks wenders... i wish i could see your show in person.... 


wendy said…
thank you thank you. for letting me be in your book and letting people know about my show. I wish you could be here too!
Gracia said…
Me too. Me too. I'd love to see this work in person. And your work too. Feel so very far away sometimes and the world so very large.
Anonymous said…
Having met Wendy my wife and I concur with your warm and loving feelings about her. Her work is great!

Congrats to her on her show in LA....
Katrina said…
oh, i would love to see this show! love, love, love.

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