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i recently got my copy of YOU ARE AWESOME. and what can i say? it is indeed AWESOME. it is one of the cutest books i've seen in a long while. if you read abbey's blog then you know she's darling. this book reflects her personality to a T.

AND. it uses florescent orange !!! seriously?!? YESSSSSSSS. 

i love that there are quick and more complicated projects. and fresh takes on some traditional crafts. there is something for everyone - and good ideas for gifts galore - which with the holidaze approaching... ahem. 

the little saw this and immediately said mama can you make me that. yes. yes. i can. 

i've also been checking the cupboards to see how stocked i am in oils, baking soda, vinegar, etc. Action-pack's latest issue is all about apothecary. i've seen some similar recipes, but they are scattered all over the place so it's super nice to see them all together here in one place with easy to follow directions and pretty pics and illustrations. 

it's kind of amazing how much of this stuff i already have - and the little is just about big enough to help me put things together. at the very least she can stand on the chair next to me and make her own concoctions of good smelling things. 

i think the lip balm is first up for me. i'm just about out and would feel uber cool if i just made some myself [and i happen to have a block of beeswax collecting dust in the studio]. this magazine is also full of potential holidaze gifts. 

going to actually try and post again in a day or two. i've got some BIG news to share !!


Anne Marie said…
Thank you for sharing some good craft links.Now I ├╝ber curious as to what news you are going to share! Please post soon!!!
Kathryn said…
Will have to check out the book! I printed out Action Pack over the weekend to keep us busy this week at the cottage. Love Action Pack! Zoey's all about making the teas and bath bombs. Hmmm, big news?? Can't wait to hear!
Anonymous said…
THANKS for passing along the info about the books you have recently seen. They look great!

I will pass them along to friends.

I, too, am looking forward to the 'big news!'

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