happy valentines day

ah valentines day. the little is now big enough to need valentines for her pre-k friends.  i went to target and was completely overwhelmed with the sheer ugliness of everything. particularly the justin beiber valentines. [can i get a WHAT?!?]

and of course being surrounded by amazing blog people like sally who offer these darling printables for valentines day ... well. i thought i should make some.

a quick trip to michaels for little craft bags, some printing of oval stickers from my office supply stash, a little washi tape from my stash [target] and voila.

little non-character/celebrity valentines. much better. and so fun. i wonder how long i get to art direct these. at some point she'll definitely have her own ideas... she already does, but i started while she was sleeping so... sneaky mama. she was completely excited to stick one chocolate in each baggie. very sweet.

i also made this silly paper doily wreath. truth be told i started it for the holidays, but never finished it. i think it's more valentiney anyways. [and yes oval. i had no idea i'd be in a theme here].

just some eye candy for you. i had this crazy idea where i wanted to do value scales with embroidery thread. so i went and got 10 steps in 4 colorways. not sure where this is going, but it looks pretty doesn't it?. thanks DMC for having 484 colors.


emily said…
it looks SO pretty. and i can't wait to see what you do with it.

as for the little and how long you get to art direct? i often think about how we have this window when we get to influence their taste - taste that will emerge and grow and shift later in life. i'm starting to see it emerging with my kids - it's not always what i would want (it's not usually the justin bieber either) but i'm proud of their choices more often than not.
Anonymous said…
The little is so fortunate to have a Mama who has the skills and the energy to provide her with unique and more meaningful 'holiday' moments than one can get via simply going to the store to buy them. Her excitement at these moments makes it A LOT more than just 'fun,' I bet.

A lovely cross section of colorful embroidery thread. I'd love to see what you do with them.
Blair said…
First year of no kid Valentines in our house, that whole stupid growing up thing...

Let's see some value scales!!


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