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i have had the pleasure of visiting diana fayt's studio. [and it is really a pleasure].
she is such a talented artist and makes truly inspired and beautiful work. she is also a generous educator [i've had her talk to my class - so inspiring].

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she is about to launch her e-course on surfacing - it starts March 11 and runs thru April 18th.

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having almost completed my own first shot at teaching an e-course i can testify that they really are pretty darn cool. you can be anywhere, check in at anytime, and as a teacher i found that i could really interact with students in a meaningful way in a virtual environment [i wasn't sure about that part, but i'm convinced now]. 

her class sounds really wonderful...  from her site:
During the six weeks we will cover various surface applications on clay such as: mishima inlay, monoprinting on clay, carving and printing with your own block prints. We will explore using unusual objects as printing tools as well as learn how to use other clay drawing media. 
Throughout the course Diana will discuss image development as well as teach you how make templates from your own images and how to transfer those images to your clay surfaces. The setting will be a warm and safe, no pressure environment, where we share what we make and learn with other participants and positive feedback is encouraged.   
You will also get a glimpse into Diana's world, where she will share her own personal inspirations, stories as well as a recipe or two.

if you are familiar with clay [this is NOT a course for the very beginner unless you are willing to do some basic ceramic research on your own] and want a push to learn some fantastic techniques - i would run, not walk and find out more.... just click on the badge below...

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