H E L L O los angeles

sewLA :: workshop/book signing

ok los angelinos ... the town i spent my youth in ... i'm doing an embroidery workshop. wanna learn how to turn a photo or a drawing into an embroidery? OF COURSE you do [wink].

sign up for my sew LA class from 2:30-4:30 APRIL 14th
[which is by the way where the illustrious Christine Haynes works]

OR if you don't want to embroider - just come and say hi. there's a little party for my book - yeah knot thread stitch - 4:30-6pm.

self promotional post over.
post to come w/ studio things and tidbits and my regular crazy ramblings.


Anonymous said…
I wish I could be in LA on that day! ENJOY sharing your work with others....

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