happy spring !

i don't think i ever colored eggs when i was a kid. [no need to play a tiny violin - i never felt deprived].

but with the little we started coloring eggs every spring/easter - her papa bob comes over and we do it. and i have to say i really like it ! last year i tied string around some eggs to do a bit of resist.

this year i decided to get a bit more tricky and i prepped 4 eggs with washi tape. 

it wasn't too hard, just took a bit of time

i keep saying someday i 'll do natural dyed eggs, but really i'm kind of into the candy colors ... can you blame me?

poor dada only got to do one egg, but papa bob got to do 3 and the little got to do the rest. not pictured above is her "favorite" egg that she stuck in almost every bath. it came out a pretty olive green. you can spot it in the photo below - 2nd in the top row. it's fun to see her "experiment" with how the colors work. we are not allowed to eat her favorite egg. [and the pink ones too]

after letting my eggs soak, i removed the tape and voila ! white areas. i double dipped the two eggs on the left of mine. super quick. and that worked pretty good. 


all the eggs together ;)

i forsee more washi tape egg experiments next year....


Anonymous said…
How fun! I now wish I had colored eggs when I was a kid and with my daughter when she was growing up. I was too focused on the religious aspects of it all rather than the fact that it would simply have been FUN.

It is great you are encouraging your little to enjoy these kinds of things!

Blair said…
Happy Easter Lisa! xo
Anne Marie said…
They look great! I need to get some of tha dye that you seem to be using over the pond.

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