my adventures on the other coast

mostly pictures. few words

arrived in snow. serious snow

potato pancakes - helped fuel me post red-eye flight. 

while i waited for eling some kids made a snowman.

eling thru the felix gonzales torres piece
we also went to the MFA

 where we saw a gem of a show on postcards amongst other good things.

 she also took me to mike's for a cannoli [the peeps on instagram made me do it]

woke up to this. more snow than i've ever been in.

made it to AWP [why do all conference halls have weird carpet?]

saw lovely books + talked to people on behalf of MIEL. [independent publishers are REALLY nice.] the above are from melville house and i actually WON a give-a-way from them. yay me. gorgeous books for me.

went to lunch on newbury street. learned how to navigate dirty slushy puddles of goo [and also realized that waterproof boots with fur and rubber bottoms serve a real purpose - not just fashion - as they do in CA]

flew to NY. where it was 50 degress and beautiful

went to volta and met up with walter and looked at a lot of art [another post for this]. went to dinner at kelly and ping noodle shop.


taught my workshop at purl soho - lotta jansdotter was in my class [along with some other amazingly talented folks. only in NY]

somehow managed not to buy anything at purl...

had dinner with friends at freemans and spotted chuck close

snuck in a visit to fish eddy's before breakfast with another friend

ran up to the guggenheim to see the gutai show, which was good, but really liked the zarina hashmi show

cut thru central park

took the train upstate to visit another friend [who lives on 4 acres surrounded by trees]

came back to manhattan [in the rain] to meet with friends from the impossible project [view from their offices above].

made it back to the airport to head home. phew. i think i was in every kind of weather [snow, rain, wind, sun], every kind of transportation [plane, train, subway, automobile, walking] and covered a lot of miles... and saw/met a lot of people. it was good. more random shots:

cities are good. travel is good. but being home is also good.


Anonymous said…
THANKS for a great visual survey of your time 'back East!' You covered A LOT of territory in a very few days......
Katrina said…
hooray, hooray, hooray! winter fashion accessories take on an entirely different purpose on the east coast. and snow! lucky you. can't wait to see you tomorrow. seems like an awesome trip. xoxooh.
Blair said…
What? Lotta? But of course she'd be there! (Wish I could've been) Cone to Seattle to teach!!!
annamaria said…
Thank you for sharing all these. What fun! NYork looks brilliant;-)
Anne Marie said…
WOAW! You managed to do a lot on your days alone on the east coast.
Hope you came home with new energy and lots of good memories.
Di said…
Wow - that was a busy trip. I haven't been in Boston for ages but love the city - and particularly MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

And that is a heck of a lot of snow.

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