#1000doilies progress

thought you might want to see some progress on the monster crochet project

if you follow me on instagram [i'm private so you have to request to follow me] - i post pictures as sets of doilies return.

but what's really fun is that participants also post photos and tag them all with #1000doilies

it's amazing and really fun to see them being manufactured and photographed all over the world ! [and shout to to statigram.com for the ability to make these images]. things are moving along. i have a good feeling that all my helpers are going to make their august deadline ! woo hoo for me. [although thinking about pinning all them to the wall makes my head hurt a little].

and i dunno if spring has sprung in your neck of the woods, but it most definitely has here. complete with april showers ! 


I love this project! I've been following these clever ladies on IG too, the pictures of their progress are gorgeous..x
Anonymous said…
Yes, it is a wonder to see things being created by loving fingers!

And spring is equally wonderful. The flowering trees, bushes, and other smaller plants are inspiring. Our roses are just about ready to burst open. The first rose blooms are THE BEST ones of the year......
Anne Marie said…
We are still waiting for sping here, but it has finaly begun to rain, and thats a start :-)

Your photps does definately have spring in them. So many beautiful spring colours!

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