oh Los Angeles

i definitely love my life in northern california. but i have to say i have a soft spot for los angeles. i grew up there. so when i go these memories flood back to me. some things NEVER change [like the winchels by the house i grew up].  there are coral trees, the feel of the ocean breeze, too much traffic, ugly strip malls, but also days spent swimming in other people's pools, walking home from junior high and getting trader joe's popsicles.... yes my friends nostalgia 101.  below is HMS bounty - where i went to dinner one night. talk about old school LA. booths belonging to movie stars. burgers and fries. salads with ranch or blue cheese - on restaurantware.  

plus these days some of my most favorite people in the world live in los angeles. and sometimes they let me stay with them in their cute houses 

with their even cuter pets [who have voices like my pets have voices].

last weekend i got to tool around in a fiat [um yeah. it was cute and fun to drive]

i strolled abbot kinney with nichole - loving stops at tortoise and urbanic 

i got to see the impossible project's instant lab in action. i'm giddy. really giddy with the prospect of getting one of these. did i say giddy?

there was a trip to the farmer's market [slowly becoming a ritual with two of my favorite mom's: christine and wendy. same time next year ladies? we realized we had been there exactly ONE year before]

mylissa took me to proof. oh my god was that tart good. i promised the little i would take her to have one. i wish i could conjure that vanilla creme [just a slight hint of vanilla] and candy kumquat flavor for you. i really do. 

she also took me the individual medley  [stunning stunning store] - who had a pop up shop with  yasmine floral design [and mylissa bought be flowers. i felt like a prom queen]

and i taught a workshop at sew LA. [and managed to escape with only 2 yards of fabric]. 

thank you shaerie, christine and devon for having me. i had such a great time. it's so fun to watch people turn their own stuff into embroideries. i'm hoping to do another workshop down there sometime in the not too distant future. any excuse to go tool around LA some more.

i have to say i have this burning desire to just DRIVE around and capture all the old 50's-70's signage i can. the city is chock full of cool signs.

and other odd moments i find captivating. til next time.... i also installed some art there. photos of that next time...


Kathryn said…
Looks like an awesome trip for you! Nothing like visiting home, especially when it's a cool place!
Anonymous said…
How FUN to combine walks/drives down memory lane with good visiting AND some meaningful art work/teaching.

The Fiat must have been 'the icing on the cake!' Beware, though, because Fiat can stand for "Fix It Again, Tony.' Ie, not the most reliable kind of transportation around.....

THANKS for sharing it with us!
Christine said…
LOVED having you at the shop and it is always a pleasure to see you! Looking forward to doing it again! xoxo
Anne Marie said…
I will just have to save this post for next time we visit LA (...in 1018).

Looks like you had fun!!!

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