Hand/Made - a monograph [something i never thought i'd have]

it is with extreme gratitude and sheer amazement that i get to make this announcement : there is now a monograph available of my work. 

i received my copies the other day, and really - i still feel like i need to be pinched. it all feels like a dream. 

entitled hand/made - in edition of 300 - 50 of which can be purchased with a letterpress print i designed and embroidered [printed by my most talented friends at paper monkey press] - and lovingly and perfectly edited/designed/concocted by eireann lorsung  and MIEL. people the cover has a vellum [like my work!] jacket with a PINK band around it.

with an essay by marshall astor, contributions from joanne northrup, snippets from an interview conducted by carol rowntree jones, and a thoughtful editorial statement by eireann [which you can actually download from MIEL's site]. can i just tell you that what these people said made me cry. 

here's the thing. never. i mean never - in a million years did i ever think there would be a book made about my work. it was crazy enough that i wrote a book. but a book on my work? who would do that? i wasn't ever going to be famous enough to have that happen [i'm still not]. sure i expected some catalogues of exhibitions with my work in them. i was thrilled when my work was included in a couple of really interesting books on art. but a book singularly about me?  uh-uh. nope. 

if there is one thing i have learned it's to never say never. because really. you just never know. something like MIEL comes along. a publisher whose tagline is: difficult, interesting, intelligent, deeply felt | supplies for readers and writers. how can you NOT fall in love with that premise? and then the next thing you know a book is in production. and i'm not even making it. sure i'm involved - sending images, looking at galleys, but really i'm watching it unfold under the skill and care of someone else. 

and the kicker? i got to include a Louise Bourgeois quote in the book. yes. miracles happen. they happen daily in minuscule ways, but they also come in brown heavier boxes wrapped in adorable washi tape all the way from belgium. 

if you want a copy please visit MIEL's big cartel shop
if you want to see more sneak peeks [and other iterations of the cover please visit this pinterest board

if you already have one, or are planning to purchase one please accept my thanks. it is always most rewarding when people actually are interested in what you do. 

if you want a chance to win one GO HERE and follow the instructions... MIEL is offering one as a give-a-way. if you don't win, and want to purchase one, or have one and want to now give it to someone as a gift [awww] use HANDMADE613 when you check out thru June 10th for a 25% discount on the book plus print - while stocks last. 

ok. if you don't mind i'm going to go and revel in my monograph for a minute !


anika said…
This is very exciting! Congratulations! When I was in design school we had to write a paper on a favorite designer and then create a monograph--it was definitely my favorite project, and since then I've always had a strong fondness for them. Will definitely be picking one of these up!
Michael said…
Bam, done. So very very excited for this little piece of beauty to arrive! It will make a lovely housewarming gift to myself.
Kathryn said…
Lisa, you so deserve this book! And it is completely beautiful in itself. From that vellum overlay to the beautiful images inside along with the wonderful words, I couldn't have imagined a better first book of your work. Did you catch that? I said 'first' as I suspect there will be more. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I endorse the above comments completely. ESPECIALLY the one about this being your first of more to come.

BASK in the glow of success for awhile. Then continue to do the really fine work you do so the rest of us can savor it and appreciate you, your talent, and your other many fine qualities.
andrea McKeen said…
yay! i bought one for myself for my birthday! can't wait to get it....
magali catteau said…
Congrats Lisa that is so great and deeply deserved.
Anonymous said…
PS THANKS, too, for sharing something about your maternal grandparents. You have commented on your paternal grandparents before. But I especially enjoyed reading about the role that your maternal grandparents played in your development as an artist.
Emily Barletta said…
That's great! Congratulations.
Blair said…
I'm waiting for my copy to arrive!!!! xoxoxo
bugheart said…
i got my copy.
it is
so beautiful!
ellie said…
WHere have I been?? I have not seen this. WOW!
I just found now, through Pinterest, about this beautiful amazing wonderfulness.
Are they all sold out? The MIEL shop is closed. Can I purchase through you?
Yah congratulations. YAH!
Susan Schwake said…
where have i been?
this is so incredible. crazy wonderful and your work is so deserving. i can't wait to get one in my hands!
congrats!! xoxox

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