the power of a group + an invitation

i received my first school generated mama gift from the little on friday. she had told me all about the day they started them in school [she is NO good at keeping secrets from me - which i love]. she was so proud. 

the mom's club... it's a powerful group. it instantaneously binds women together in a way that is really indescribable ... [or understandable to non-moms]. ridiculously cliche i feel like i should now apologize to my mother and thank her to the moon for the amazing patience and generosity she showed me [and still does] my whole life. we mothers are a lot of things to our kids... one of the funniest roles to me is - taker of anything they don't want. food, gum, garbage, clothes, whatever it is that they are done with, don't need, don't want gets handed over with a "here mama!". sometimes i find the grossest things in the pocket of my jeans. something handed off in a moment when there was no garbage can. 

why yes. yes i am here. and so are you. here's to the amazing mama role models out there, all the mom's i know that inspire me daily and laugh with when i see them face to face. and if you hate mother's day - that is your prerogative too !

yesterday i got together with a group of lovely lovely smart smart crafty crafty crafty gals to help lisa congdon make decorations for her wedding. clockwise starting next to me lauren, jen l,  jen h, mikel, kristen, lorena, mati, rena.

in the span of 5 hours we laughed and joked, made poufs, cupcake toppers, ate... the good stuff. and it made me realize [again] the power of inclusion. of a group.

how a group dynamic alters everything. it makes the impossible possible [we made over 200 poufs !]. it makes boring things more fun. it binds you together. gives you a place to bounce ideas [who is a good fabric manufacturer? what would be a good venue?]. it's INSPIRING. granted i was in the company of some bad ass talented women. but really. we are all talented. at something. you just have to find out what that is....

so in the spirit of that - i invite YOU. anyone who wants to come - who CAN come. to ARC [art {retreat} camp]. this summer. August 14-18.

first off - it's on a FREAKIN island. !!! [yes you read that right] in new hamshire. an island in a lake. 

there are cabins.
yes. this is an ADULT camp.

with art workshops  - i am teaching 3 - an embroidery one, a crochet one, and one called day-to-day where we talk about what it means to develop a daily art habit - a practice. what that might look like for YOU. how it can be meaningful and helpful...

and if you don't want to be in my class there are other AWESOME instructors to take classes with

and what else, pray tell is there to do? sleep, eat, hike, swim.
have more questions? you might find answers here

i dunno if you remember when i went to japan to install a show? it felt a lot like an art camp - and i loved it. so wanted that feeling again. and here's a chance for that. 5 days of making. of hanging out - of finding out what this group dynamic will bring. so - if you are interested.... come join us ! your tuition covers EVERYTHING. lodging, meals, supplies for all the workshops. you just have to get yourself to the dock where the boat comes to pick you up. just SHOW up. and let the power of the group do the rest. i, for one, can't wait. [oh and if you come. you'll get to meet my mom and my little. they're coming with me !]


amisha said…
YES. to the power of hanging out with a group of awesome smart crafty women. it is inspiring and energizing and amazing! i wish wish wish that i could be there in august... it sounds absolutely incredible!

happy mother's day, my lovely friend! xoxo
that retreat sounds amazing! i would go in a heartbeat if it wasn't a week we were already traveling. boo. (happy mother's day, lisa!)
Anonymous said…
You are blessed to have a circle of like minded artist friends with whom you can share ideas and whose company you enjoy. The energy that comes out of such gatherings is very life affirming, eh?!?

How great to be able to spend time in NH in summer. It should be quite beautiful. The little and your Mom will love being there with you!
Anonymous said…
I think it is the sweetest thing that you are bringing your mom and the little along. And the camp! Sounds like the perfect summer getaway!!
Anne Marie said…
That sounds like so much fun!!! I am joining in at least in my mind, virtually. I'll be swimming over the "pond" and then take the boat to the island...

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