Instant Noun @ Rare Device

if you've been around me and this blog then you know i have a thing for polaroids
logic follows that many of my friends also shoot and like polaroids. right? right.

rare device was kind enough to let me curate a polaroid show. it opens tomorrow night - JUNE 7th - at 6pm. and while i won't be there to whoop it up with the multitudes of amazing photographers... you can go and report back. if you want to read my "curatorial statement" - please do [first paragraph]. 

you can also visit the instant noun gallery on rare devices' website. to see all the works and purchase some prints and originals if you are so inclined, by these fabulous artists:

shari altman / connie begg [who gets an extra shout out for helping me install] / anne bowerman / wendy crabb / alison garnett / andrea jenkins and her daughter ava ! / jenifer e.s. lake / bob lake / leslie sophie lindell / ann mcgarry / katrina rodabaugh / and yours truly

there's nothing like getting a stack of great polaroids and putting them together so they look good. uneven grids. blues across from blues. amazing unintentional diptychs... yeah. so if you are local - come see how they are all hung together... it's pretty special. 

ALSO :: there's a workshop on the 29th given by miss hula herself - it should be fun. i'll be there. quietly assisting. come join us ! plenty of cameras for all. sign up for the class here - space is limited so do it quick !

and there's a whole stack of ultra cool polaroid cameras and film from the impossible project courtesy of photoworks sf. 

K. spread the pola love. 


Anonymous said…
Curating is a nice, albeit demanding, change of pace!

I hope my Mrs. and I can get over to Rare Device to see the show while it is there. The photos look interesing via the net. But will probably be more fun to see in person.

petal and plume said…
so inspired! i adore pola. unhealthily so.
bugheart said…
wish i could
see it in person.

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