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eireann is a poet. she is also a visual artist, a thinker, a publisher [it is her press MIEL that published my monograph], and a maker of all sorts. we first met online back in 00's of the 2000. when the internet felt small. when blogs were intimate and it felt like you could really just start talking to anyone and they'd talk back. 

we met in person in 2011 when she came to help me install my show in italy. and needless to say - we hit it off. 

she was just here. she stayed in my studio - a makeshift bedroom with a kiln as your bedside table. the studio happens to be really full right now, but i supposed that she wouldn't mind [she didn't]. 

eireann just completed a book of poems called Her book . i got to read a galley version as she asked me to pose some questions to her at her reading here in SF at little paper planes. and i was quite moved. the first 15 poems are after kiki smith [who i LOVE] and many of the other poems are dedicated to many important women in her life... 

millie and eireann discussing foucault [seriously]
so here's the truth. i am NOT a poetry aficionado by any means. and i've only been to a couple of poetry readings. and one of those was indeed a caricature of a poetry reading where everyone spoke in that affected poetry reading voice and all i wanted to do was slink out of the room. 

i knew that wasn't going to be my experience listening to eireann read, but i also had no idea what to expect. 

she's funny. and engaged. and present. and the words. the way she reads the words they wash over you - creating visuals in your mind. i sat there listening - watching the fog roll in and the sun go down and feeling transported.

my conclusion - poetry - when read can feel quiet - personal, intimate... poetry - when read out loud well is a whole other ball game. 

the other fun thing is that when someone visits you get to play tourist in your own town.

we saw lisa congdon and ate at juhu beach club

we had a big lunch with sonya, katrina, jen, mati, kathryn, rori at the slow club

heath ceramics
we wandered the mission. with a stop at tartine [i think all SF visitors should partake in a tartine treat].

and then before she left yesterday we went to japan town. cuteness overload ! 

and she informed me these were chestnuts. they are amazing !

so eireann is on tour. she is reading around the country and really - you should go if you can. she's keeping her blog updated with dates... monday she's in portland 6pm at the PNCA. [wish i could hang out with her, marshallamy and melissa and the rest of who ever comes out in portland!].

have a great weekend. i'm on cake duty. tomorrow is hubby's birthday....


Anonymous said…
AGREED that Eireann is a talented, warm, and special person well worth knowing!

Listening to her read her own poetry must have been a great experience.

Having a lunch with her and a group of your friends must have been a delight.

kathrynclark said…
I felt the same way about her poetry, phenomenal! So sad I didn't run over and grab her new book before they were all gone as I too adore Kiki smith. That last poem she read blew me away. Such a fun lunch with everyone!
Thanks for this post, Lisa. I'm off to order Her book.

I hope school is starting off well. Happy first week.
Éireann said…
Lisa! I only now find this. What a nice surprise. Thank you so much (but also for your hospitality and friendship). xo

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