what i did over summer vacation - part 1

i return to teaching on monday... and i need to get into full work mode in the studio to finalize things for my show in november, but i want to take a minute to reflect on the last couple weeks of summer and what i got to do.

arc summer camp really was amazing. 

we arrived in warm rain. you get ferried in a small boat to an island that you can literally walk around in its entirety in about 1/2 hour. 


perfect for exploring.

we found a small toad [can you spot him?]

we foraged for wild blueberries and blackberries. they were everywhere.

we spotted so many wild mushrooms [couldn't even photo all of them].

we looked at [and she swam in] the lake.

we found treasures.

i drew things.

we found other people's rock sculptures [and added to them]

we lived a rustic cabin life.

i taught an encaustic class on the fly because poor susan was sick for a day. i forgot how fun encaustic actually is... my demo piece:

i taught a granny square class ON THE BEACH. 

i taught a class called day to day where we discussed daily practice - how discipline is part of it. how to find something that inspires you to work daily. what it means to make work FOR YOU and not for deadline/profit/work. 

i got to spend time with my mom and the little in a completely different world. i got to meet and hang out with amazing students and fellow teachers [mati, rebecca, rachel, and mimi]. thank you susan/artstream for making this happen. can't wait for next year [you should come. really].


Blair said…
What an amazing trip it looks to have been. Hope your first day back goes well. xo
Anonymous said…
wow, fantastic photos and times for you, the Little, and your Mom....

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