places to see my work [RIGHT NOW & soon]

up thru tomorrow the walter maciel gallery has some work of mine in their booth in Chicago for the edition art fair. if anyone has gone/is going i'd love to see pictures !

my large scale bed drawing piece - nocturna: we will soon be three - is on view at the bedford gallery in Walnut Creek through November 17th. more info here. i got to see the show when i was installing and there are a lot of really GREAT pieces in it. including work by dean monogenis who also show's at walter's and was my gallery mate for my solo show there last year. carrie lederer the curator at the bedford is an amazing artist in her own right and i'm so happy she included this piece of mine. 

two of my toxin glass ball sculptures will be on view at the italian cultural institute - located at 844 montgomery - in san francisco starting october 4th. 

i'm also frantically working toward my solo show. which opens friday night, november 15th, at fouladi projects. mark your calendars. if you are local i'd love to see you there !

happy weekend !


Anonymous said…
Whew, you ARE busy! CONGRATS on getting your work out there in so many different places. We will be in SF on 11/15.
Katrina said…
so happy to see all of this exhibition news from you! i need to make it out to walnut creek to the bedford gallery. especially now that my former intern is working there! maybe we can make a date of it sometime. in the future. when we have time. in our dream lives! hi friend. can't wait for your solo show. xo

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