last of the day-to-day

stupidly behind in posting the final weeks of my yearly draw what's in front of you project.

week 48:
1. art/work book
2. granny square
3. scissors
4. cup with ink
5. colored pencil
6. uniqlo bag
7. stamp pad

favorite: scissors

week 49:
1. ink bottle
2. millie
3. cone [ceramics]
4. glue
5. metal box
6. baby oil
7. twist tie

favorite: cone

week 50:
1. toy car
2. button pouch
3. stickers
4. dmc wrapper
5. chapstick
6. beet
7. small yellow pitcher

favorite: chapstick

week 51:
1. sunglasses
2. trophy topper
3. crochet thread
4. nesting baskets
5. suitcase band
6. stapler
7. succulent

favorite: succulent
week 52
1. senbei cracker
2. pencil case
3. loop
4. drawstring bag
5. yellow fake raybans
6. quilting ruler
7. cup of pencils

favorite: cup of pencils

the end. the month of october is my last push to get ready for my exhibition. here we go....


Anonymous said…
While you prefer to send these out week by week, I find that seeing a number of them at one time affords me a different perspective. THANKS for sharing these!
Katrina said…
love seeing these rituals. and knowing that you have continued you them despite everything else you have going on. i like the idea of this daily practice, particularly in a freelance life. maybe i'll do one too. hope to see you soon! xo
Anne Marie said…
Hey you busy mouse, what a collection of beautiful everyday things! Love your work!
I love your day-to-day, especially your chapstick and succulent.
Janey G said…
oh this is wonderful x

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