it's thursday afternoon live !

ok. so that live internet TV thing i was telling you about? here's a little commercial they put together for it. i actually want to watch the all the other segments with janette [feather headresses], genevieve [cocktails], and tiffanie [the woodland ornaments]. they were really nice women and super talented !

i haven't been able to watch the commercial so i have no idea if it's any good. i really hate watching moving images of myself. i'm better with photos [and it took me eons to be ok with those, so give me another 10 years]. i know the brittish guy was so nice and tried to make us all feel comfortable [and clearly he didn't have any problems being on camera]. the whole thing was supposed to be completely silly. i bet i rolled me eyes... [hopefully they edited that out].

the whole thing is being put on by creativeLIVE - which really is this cool resource. it's FREE to watch live. i'm on nov. 7th from 12:45-4pm. i'll show you how to crochet and embroider a snowflake. you can sign up here to watch live  - i'm pretty sure that you can interact via twitter with us while the show is going on. or if you can't watch live you can purchase a pass to watch it anytime. you can also get a bundle for all 4 segments here.

and if you are local and want to be in the audience - there are some spots ... fill out this form and they'll get back to you. it'd be SO great to see a familiar face.

p/s please tell me someone got the saturday night live corny reference... in my post title ??


Anonymous said…
I did not get the reference...but then the sound on my computer is not the best.

I DID enjoy seeing the interaction between HIM and the rest of you all. You looked quite comfy, by the way.

"BREAK A LEG," as they say in you know where.....

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