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h e l l o - i'm trying to resurface after the opening of Sen. which really was pretty fun - i'm so grateful to all my friends and family that came out and for ALL THE HELP i received. professional photos are being taking of the exhibition tomorrow and once i have those i will write a bit more about the show and share pictures [and shower all my helpers with love].

in the meantime i wanted to share a couple places where my work was featured recently both in foreign languages !

first in season's magazine  - a russian publication.

second in a textbook on textile art published in germany switzerland [thanks joanna!] [i can't find it on their website, but it's published by lehrmitteverlag st. gallen - update ** joanna also found it on their website here [thanks again joanna!]

i actually had completely forgot they had asked me to used paint chips in their book, so when this GIANT thing was left on my doorstep i was completely surprised.

one of my favorite things about being included in things like this is who i share pages with. in this case ALL artists i really admire. including jazmin berakharichard sazamaricormaricarclaire coles, amy dawsonevelin kasikov, christina pauls, and hella jongerius

and now i will return to my laundry and grading piles - both of which are OUT OF CONTROL. 


Joanna Ehrhart said…
Lisa, I'm eager to see more of Sen! Meanwhile, I was curious about the TextilArt textbook, and I found what looks like the teacher's commentary edition here: (It's actually published in Switzerland, and it is available for purchase for 104 Francs. I was momentarily excited by a couple of free downloads, but they are only available for teachers.) Maybe when my German improves I'll treat myself to a copy. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to hearing more about Sen. We were really happy to be there and to soak up the love and support you were given.

WOW, getting published in a Russian and a Swiss book is pretty fantastic!

Then you go back to 'reality.' Life can go from the sublime to the mundane in a flash, eh?!?
Anne Marie said…
Still in love with those beds with threads! Did I meantion I love your work!

I am so happy for you that your work is published in several magazines!
Sophia said…
I love hearing about the process and background of an artist's piece of work. Thank you for sharing Lisa. I am going to go back to see it again because it will be a different experience after reading this. Wonderful project...congratulations!!

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