INTERWOVEN returns + small DIY

hello there.
are you in the middle of the craze that is december?
i am. grading stacked all around me. holidays approaching faster than a speeding bullet..... [i'm sad to report i've even considered that soon i'll have to organize everything for taxes. le sigh.]

but i'm popping in here to make a little announcement !

katrina and i have decided to run our online class one more time ! it was so much fun for us and we got such positive feedback from our students that we wanted to give it another go. 

so mark your calendars March 31 - May 23, 2014. !!! [although you get access to the class through June 30, 2014]. 

INTERWOVEN :: make : thread : craft : art is a textile-based online course that will guide students in four techniques over eight weeks [we altered the length of the class from 4 to 8 weeks based upon feedback from our last batch of students.] we'll cover crochet, soft sculpture, embroidery and mini quilts. the class is given on a private blog that you'll get access to - there will be a class facebook page as well as hashtags for instagram and twitter so everyone can interact in multiple ways. 

each week we'll focus on a different textile project and then you'll get a week of "studio" time to work on your technique and project. during the studio time you can reach the instructors via comments, on our class facebook page and via email. each instruction week will be filled with daily posts to motivate/inspire you as well teach you each craft. 

learn much more and watch a goofy video of us on the interwoven class website

through the end of the year sign-ups are $99. after january 1st the price will go up to $125. we would love to have you join us!

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maybe this is the perfect gift you've been looking for? either for yourself or for a friend who wants to start, get back into or develop their techniques for making things.

speaking of gifts
i had to make 12 gifts for preK. there are only 4 teachers in the little's classroom, but the whole school is really integrated and she has contact with 2 other classes + office staff... SO...

i thought. why not make little hot chocolate kits? with home made marshmallows. so funny to watch them come together in the mixer.

the marshmallows were really easy to make actually. here's the recipe i used. they didn't puff up as much as i thought once i spread them in the pan - so next time i'll make thicker versions. i think next time i'll also add real vanilla bean for more flavor [or maybe coconut oil.... hmmm]. the hot chocolate was also a cinch. used this recipe [minus the cayenne] - which is nice b/c it isn't too sweet. 

then i went to daiso and stocked up on cute mugs, little plastic baggies with sparkly ties and small containers with lids to hold the marshmallows. TA DA. homemade not too much trouble or expensive gifts. PHEW. much more thoughtful than a $5 coffee card in my book. 

ok. in case i'm not back before next wed... happy holidays to everyone !!


Anonymous said…
CONGRATS on the return of your internet class!

I will forward the link along to friends in the event that one of them, or one of their friends, might be interested in enrolling. "Break a leg," as they say...somewhere, but I don't recall.

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