i arranged a friend's colored pencils by color

the little has been requesting princess leia buns.

we bought a piñata for the little's birthday party [12 kids in a jumpy house is loud].

apparently kids with older siblings are better at grabbing the goods. 

we went to the beach because it's been freakishly warm. she made sand angles. 

the magnolias have already started blooming. 

and quince. 
i'm thinking about we are in a serious drought crisis - coupled with the strange early stpring i'm very nervous about the coming summer in california. 

 in the meantime i work on a fun illustration job.

and gear up for 2 more classes to start.... how's 2014 looking for you thus far? 


Anonymous said…
Yep, the party was a smashing success!

I noticed plum trees already in bloom as well here in the Bay Area. Weird and disconcerting, to say the least.

I hope you will share more of your 'fun illustration job' as it nears completion....

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