stuff + Sen - the press collected

hello ! and happy new year.
clearly i've been so scattered

i've neglected this blog.

we are in the thick of a kitchen remodel. this is THRILLING [dishwasher - cabinets that CLOSE, black and white tile floor]. and scary [spending money we don't have like it grows on trees]. and dusty. and really not fun [picture your fridge in your living room, your dining room a makeshift kitchen prep area, and your studio filled to the brim with boxes. on one side new kitchen stuff -on the other all the stuff that goes IN your kitchen. i have a narrow path to get to my desk so i can do some semblance of work while this is all going on].

it's like a hoarding nightmare. 

i also took down Sen. i haven't updated my website [because i'm working on an overhaul of that too]. but i did put almost everything together in a flickr set.

taking down a show is always bittersweet. i'm much better than i used to be about dealing with the postpartum of a show [this is partially that simply having a child doesn't allow for a lot of time to wallow]. 

i was incredibly thrilled with the overall response to the show. and i'm being given an opportunity to recreate the doily install in another configuration this fall. i'm excited [although truthfully also daunted] about this [more on this later]. 

in the meantime i wanted to put all the press that came out together in one place.... 

the Chronicle did a piece on me in the Sunday Home section [this was pretty cool. there is something to be said still for being featured in "old traditional media"]

also shocking was when instagram - the blog - picked up on the 1000 doily piece [this was mostly due to all the instagrammers who worked on the doilies and cyndi in particular. thanks friend.]

SF Art EnthusiastArt Nerd, Art Business, also featured the exhibition. 

such an honor to have this sort of feedback... 

i'm ALMOST done making and sending the thank yous out to all my helpers. phew. i've already started teaching one class - 2 more start in a couple weeks. this is going to be a HECTIC spring. [remembering to breathe]. 

2014 - here we go. 


Kathryn said…
Ouch! That kitchen! At least it's gutted now ;-). It was so great seeing you today and I realized must have been nice eating a meal not surrounded by dust!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful reviews is an understatement. The show was fabulous. CONGRATS on the much deserved 'good press.'

Hang in there with the kitchen. It will get better soon. Then the memories of the dust, limited cooking, etc will fade as you enjoy the new one.....
You're welcome! Should we work towards finding you a spot to show SEN in Baltimore? :)

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