coming up for air

oh hello you sad sad neglected blog

life of late has barely left me time to think, let alone type.
but i feel the tide is shifting. the kitchen is ALMOST done.
my taxes are close to being turned into the accountant.
i actually even had a few hours in my studio - now that one wall is almost cleared of stuff. [see proof above].

a few things of interest:

this says "crayola" - i made it to go with the 16 colors. the whole lot went off to an exhibition entitled optic chiasm - the crossing over of art and science - which opened last week at the Oglethorpe Museum in Atlanta... this piece blind people will actually get to touch. so my concept will actually be realized ! so cool !

INTERWOVEN - the online class i'm teaching with katrina - starts MONDAY. care to join us? [you can use the coupon AWESOME10 for 10% off. yes. yes you can]

and finally - have you been to musee mechanique?  it's really a gem of a place -

 photobooths [the little's first time]

 all kinds of mechanical delights that cost 25-75 cents to make them run.

and you can get your fortune told [by multiple machines]. what more could you ask for?

and... i'll be needing some help for a project soon.... anyone game to embroider and draw for me?? more on this very shortly.


Anonymous said…
How nice for you to get back into your studio. It must have felt like you were living in a desert....lacking in the water one needs to survive, etc.

The Musee looks like great fun! Well worth checking out one day.....
melissa s. said…
Is that mini carnival made out of toothpicks? Amazing. Can't wait to hear about the new project. I'm always game!
magali catteau said…
A new project? Yes I am in the game !! Can wait to know more about it.
Anne Marie said…
I love the first photo, your drawing. Is that folded paper boats or birds you are drawing multiples of...?

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