needlepoint anyone?

when you think of needlepoint - do you think of the above?? i bet you might. and while traditional needlepoint definitely has it's place, would you like to make something that feels a bit more contemporary?

i bet you might. 

want to paint your own canvas? something abstract? something modern? something geometrical? something like a helen frankenthaler or brice marden canvas? or something else entirely?

if you answer yes to any of the above - come join me next week at brushstroke studios in berkeley
it's a two part class. on march 20th we'll paint our own needlepoint canvases. then you'll go out and buy yarn to match what you paint and on april 3rd i'll show you some stitch options and how to get started. 

$30 per class. 7-9:30pm
call or email to sign up.
(510) 528-1360
would love to see you there !

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