I NEED HELP ! [[again]]

remember last year ? i had this show ? it was all about the number 1000 - i asked [well BEGGED] for help from all of you on the wild wild internet and my doily miracle came true !

part of what made the whole thing really really remarkable was connecting with all the people that helped me. some i knew. many i didn't... the outpouring from around the world - all these women chiming in. gladly giving up time in their day to make doilies. it melted my heart. [see the progress using the #1000doilies tag on instagram - although the hashtag did get co-opted once instagram blogged about it. some of the photos are not relevant. boo].

i have an exhibition in the fall [at walter maciel gallery] and actually i have a project this summer [which i can't really talk about yet - but it's EXCITING] and i've been thinking a lot about doing another grand installation. the 1000 doily piece is going to be installed in both these venues, in 2 different configurations and i'm so very thrilled about this [although my fingers will be very unhappy with me]. 

so... i actually have TWO ideas i want to try and fulfill. i have no idea if they will work. but they both involve the number 1000. and i need many many hands to help me. i swear, though, this time i need less of a commitment from people - so if you are game... you can do BOTH, or one or ??? if you remember i started my 1000 quest based on seninbari - 1000 french knots. often 1000 women making 1 knot each.


i want to collect 1000 french knots

please use a 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 inch piece of fabric, and using a monochromatic color scheme place 1-10 french knots. you can place them on the center axis, you can cluster them somewhere on the fabric... pick a number that is significant to you. a lucky number - the number of people in your immediate family. the number of pets you have... when you send the french knots to me, please tell me where your number came from.
I HAVE 2 rules [if you please]

1. the fabric must be PLAIN - it doesn't have to be white. i don't care what kind of fabric it is [cotton, poly, wool, blend] but please don't use any patterned fabric.
2. the knots must be in the same color family. all red, all blue, all green, all white - whatever color you'd like. they can be different tints/shades [dark/light], but keep it monochromatic please. NO pink + green. you'll see in my sample i did a gradient of reds. 

if you want to put your knots in a line down the middle like i did then you can fold your fabric piece in 1/2. and then 1/2 again. 

and rub hard with your fingers. you'll end up with this:

and then you can use the guidelines to place your knots. 

if you have a method of making french knots. yay. but if you don't then there's a really almost foolproof way to do it. sublime stitching has illos on how, but you can watch me to it [and struggle to pull the thread thru ;)] here:


i want to collect 1000 doily drawings. actually more specifically drawings of the doily used in the 1000 doily installation. 

this doily.

if you want to do this one and want an even larger version of the doily pictured above to gander at - i will email it to you !!

here are the steps... it's really easy. but you can make up your own steps too.

THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT !! [yes i am yelling. i am yelling at you who say i can't draw. i don't think i can... YOU CAN. you can indeed. see how wonky the drawing is above. that is FINE. more than fine. BETTER than fine. these are SUPPOSED to be wonky. hand drawn. messed up. not perfect. imperfect. divinely not rendered well. is that clear??]

use ANY color you want.

ANY almost media you want - pencil [colored or otherwise], watercolor, paint, pen, marker - i do ask that you stay away from "messy" things like charcoal or oil stick - they won't really allow you to get the fine lines.

make anywhere from 1-10 and send them on over... [your 10 do not have to be the same size/color - although they can]. 

I HAVE 2 rules- again [if you please]

1. please draw on WHITE/PLAIN paper - just printer paper, or smooth bristol, sketchbook paper. NOT watercolor, textured or any colored paper.
2. please draw on a square sheet up to 6"x6" in size. smaller - fine. bigger... not so great. if you don't want to make a square first you can send it to me and i'll turn it into a square just keep in mind i don't want any bigger than 6"x6".

maybe this will inspire you....

ok? can you help me spread the word? pretty please?

i can't promise art for everyone this time, but i do promise a postcard of my work in return for anything you send me. and my undying love and devotion and gratitude. [and i will have a list linking to everyone who helped me at the exhibitions and here on the blog]. 

i really really hope this works again. i know i'm asking a lot, but dear internet you didn't let me down last time. 

if you have any questions - EMAIL ME [lisasolomondotcom [at] gmail [dot] com] - if you are raring to go and want to send them off you can send them to my po box
PO BOX 99534 
Emeryville, CA 94662
or if you email me, i'll send you my home address which would be a great place for you to send them too.

i need these by the end of june. possible? 

THANK YOU. 1. for being interested. 2 for helping me make this happen. 3 for trying to get everyone you know to help me too. the more the merrier. if i am by some miracle able to collected 1000 doilies from 1000 different people i might just keel over. 


joannae said…
Lisa! I am thrilled that you are doing another project I can help with--count on receiving knots and drawings from me in the near future. :-)
Kathryn said…
Yay, since this project doesn't involve crochet, I can actually help you this time! One of these days, I'll learn that one final technique...
melissa s. said…
I'm so excited to participate again, and even more excited to see the final piece. I am in for both! (and will spread the word). xo
melissa s. said…
(oops -- sorry lisa, forgot to id myself on my comment)
Unknown said…
As I said before I am in too. I was so thrilled to see what you did with our doilies that I must participate in both. You can count me in.
Anonymous said…
wow, what fun for all the people who participate!! I can hardly wait to see what you end up making
Sophia said…
Kristen Donegan said…
I would love to partake in this too! - just stumbled here and this sounds like a great little project!
I'll send along knots and drawing soon-

:) Kristen Donegan
andrea Mckeen said…
I am in! The first crocheting round was so fun and my hands are really itchy to draw the doilies now so you can put be down for 10 hand-drawn :) One question...one doily drawing should go on one piece of paper? Or can we draw more than one on a piece of paper?
Anne Marie said…
I'am in for sure. I just finished the drawing (I made two so you can choose which one you like the most). I try to do the knots during easter. Happy Easter to you and your family!
emily said…
what if i deliver mine to you in person...........?
Liz Noonan said…
Love this idea. Very clever and I'm excited to be a part of it and spread the word.
Great work!
Tierney Barden said…
Count me in for both, plus I'll post to my blog to help spread the word. I learned about your call for help from Rebecca Ringquist's blog post. Gotta love the internet! Woohoo - this will be fun. Thanks Lisa!

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