things to do in denver

i am going to be in DENVER [someplace i've never been before - so woo hoo] at the beginning of june. [[does anyone remember the movie things to do in denver when you are dead?] i'll be teaching 2 classes at Fancy Tiger [such a cute shop. can't wait to see it in person] and hanging out with risa and her adorable family.

the classes:

ONE :: embroidered necklace class

TWO :: photo or drawing into embroidery class

both are on JUNE 7th, 2014. necklaces in the morning, photo/embroidery in the afternoon. if you or anyone you know are going to be in town i'd love to meet you and do some embroidery.

and if you have any must do things in denver please enlighten me !

lately.... i'm consumed by ranunculus love {{every year... and then comes the peony obsession}}

and i've discovered our new kitchen counters make an amazing dark backdrop....

fresh eggs from a friend.

cherry blossoms from my parent's tree

if you are local - you really should go see the possible at the berkeley art museum  - such a good show. and very very kid friendly. 

sometime soon another recollection... and a list... hope your weekend was grand. 


Janey G said…
those photographs against your dark worktops are amazing! Have fun at the workshops. x
Anonymous said…
The flowers are gorgeous. Looked for peonies at Costco recently but could not find any. Must have been sold out already!

The classes sound like fun, especially in a town you have never been to before. You are one BUSY and 'productive' person!!
Um, I think we're actually going to be in Denver on the 7th! I need to email you...
Anonymous said…
I signed up for your class at Fancy Tiger, and then found out that I have to be up in Estes Park for the Sheep to Shawl Fancy Tiger contest that day. Oh no!!! I hope/pray/have finger crossed that you will be back someday soon! I have enjoyed your blog tremendously and mourn the loss of meeting you in person.

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