in my own backyard : china camp

it's funny how you can live somewhere and still not know all the interesting places there are to visit. when hula comes to town i go where she goes. it usually means i get to see some of my favorite local friends too - like leslie + tracy.  you know how it is... we're all so busy - plan on seeing each other more, but then one thing leads to another and we don't. but here we all were. eating breakfast.

and then trekking to china camp. how have i never been here?

it's a perfect place to wander... picnic... hike... apparently there's a salt marsh [next time]. 

everything is weathered... old... rustic. just the way i like it. 

we sat. in the sun. gabbing about kids, life, crap. digging thru the rocks. looking for ones w/ lines. or for beach glass. we could have sat there for hours. we couldn't and didn't - but we all wanted to. 

i want to go back. on a hot day. when i can dip my toes in the water. 

and it made for some good polas. [instant lab polas] it was roid week last week. le sigh. i haven't participated in awhile so it was good to be back. 


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the cool photos and for reminding us that there are lots of places worth seeing around the Bay Area that one does not get to without being told about them. This one looks like it might be a fun way to spend a few hours with loved ones like family and/or the little. Or, as you did, with friends whom one does not see as often as one might like.

Thanks, too, for some interesting roids.....

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