summer can't come fast enough

i am almost [almost] done with grading. which means it will then officially be summer. hurrah.

the beginning of 2014 has not been the smoothest of years - for numerous reasons. but i keep clinging to the things that HAVE been good. like a group of students [above] leaving class after an incredibly personal and wonderful musical presentation. 

little girls who pretend to be ballerinas for a second. 

vintage photos of me and my grandma in kyoto

flower crowns made in the park.

summer can't come soon enough for me, but hey... it's roid week !

and if you are interested - there's a little interview of me on fancy tiger's blog - i'll be teaching there in a couple of weeks !

next post i get to share some news m'thinks....


Anonymous said…
I used to dream of flying when I was a kid. It was great fun. The only problem/scary part was that sometimes I'd feel as if I was drifting up higher and higher and farther away from land! Never thought of invisibility. Never cared about cleaning....and it showed, per my wife who is Mrs. Picky Picky.

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