oh denver part 1

the denver airport is a modern wonder. you can't get in or out without riding a little tram. they also have made the outside to look like snowy mountain peaks. 

denver has really good summer cloud skies [and some thunderstorms]. 

denver also has really good vintage signs. especially along colfax. the above is technically NOT a bobs big boy - although you might think it is. it's a giovanni's pizza. see -he's holding a pizza pie.

i have some pola signs too [but that will be in my next post]. 

my hosts and friends risa and jordan were wonderful. their home is lovely and their kids are hilarious. if i'm ever in a car in denver again i will just have to imitate them [age almost 5 and 2+] "mommy - i see a castle" [which was really a church], and "mommy - are we on the highway? mommy are we on the lowway?" [you have to imagine little boy voices. on repeat. once one said it, the other had to say it. so funny]. 

jaime + amber of fancy tiger are also wonderful hosts ! they took me to crema for sweet potato waffles [WHAT?!] and excellent lattes. 

and the STORE. OH MY GOD. so freakin cute i could hardly stand it. and big. thank god i had only a tiny suitcase that almost nothing would fit in or i might have just bought the whole place. seriously. one stop craft shop heaven. 

and the neighborhood they are in? perfect.

wigs from boss vintage

plant goodness in ironwood

the surrounding neighborhood [known as baker] is also SO charming. lots of cute brick cottages and victorians. some painted candy colored. 

all up and down S. Broadway are good stores ! here's a good comprehensive list of where i went - with good pics.  

i also had pistachio ice cream from sweet action . the good thing about being away from home is that you walk. no guilt about eating extra rich food for a weekend.

my classes you ask? SO FUN. 

risa's embroidered necklace. 

kyra's photo turned into an embroidery. 

after my classes we went to a really excellent dinner at beatrice and woodsley - a high concept farm to table restaurant that had an amazing array of ros├ęs on their current menu.

they had a very cute wine tagging system. [mine was bubbly and delicious]. 

i also went to the source and had breafast at comida . and then oggled at all the adorable stores. 

it HAILED [and rained] one day. so we ended up staying mostly inside. and we checked out the weathervane. an adorable cafe. 

in another life i want to be a floral arranger and an interior designer. i want to put funky spaces like this together.... 

they had the cutest chairs outside.

in my next post i'll talk about all the ART that i saw in denver. there's some good good good spaces there. 


Anonymous said…
Wow, you had a rocking good time...no a great time!
It has been many years since I experienced a hail storm. Pretty intense, I bet. And those skies must have been amazing.

THANKS for sharing the photos. I look forward to hearing about the art.
Romana Toson said…
well it certainly was action packed!
Particularly Loved the images from your class/workshop? And I laughed when i saw your icecream pic. Well, only because I am such a slave to that icey creamy art. I have a test flavour, you know, the one flavour that you try everywhere you go, so you can compare fairly. Yes a bit sly because that means I usually get two scoops! Anticipating art!
Lisa Solomon said…
@Romana - :)
i did that in italy... i tried only pistachio gelato. yum.

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