oh denver - part 2

i'm ashamed to admit i didn't know too much about the denver art scene before my trip.
but now. now i know that it's there. and not only there, but thriving. 

right down the street from fancy tiger  is gildar gallery. it's a beautiful store front space. and i really like adam's program/artists/vision. i didn't get a shot of his space because we were chatting and then he + friend had to run, but if you are in denver his space is definitely one NOT to miss. 

we also took a quick look at a couple spaces in riNo

first up a preview tour of nathan abel's show at hinterland - which was also a gorgeous space and has a very vigorous program. nathan's oil paintings are dreamy and lush. 

then we stopped in a helikon - which i knew a little bit about because they follow me [and me them] on instagram. they had a fiber show up that was interesting, but i really liked the whole set up. there are artist's studios and a cafe in the building and it felt like a very happy community. 

i really liked naomi scheck's work. layered, detailed, labored... what's not to like?

the denver art museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. it's really an amazing space. very disorienting at points [in the best possible way] some completely diagonal walls [i wonder how artists feel about their work hanging at a 45 degree angle]. but MAN is was hip. several really really good shows. including material world which was all about the use of non traditional materials and materiality.  

i particularly loved this david admao piece - those are tromp l'oeil erasers

like the deYoung museum in SF there are a lot of other kinds of exhibits throughout the space. above is risa experiencing african art with music. 

they have a lot of kid friendly projects too. i made a lace ruff out of paper. 

the exhibit on modern masters [from the albright/knox collection] was pretty stunning too. i sort of never tire of seeing all time favorites. 




so much so that in my sketchbook i decided to pretend to be some of the art gods. [with the captions i am no clyfford still, joan mitchell, frank stella, helen frankenthaller, philip guston and clearly no agnes martin].

do you keep a sketchbook? do you take notes when you travel? .....

the piece de resistance i think, though, is the clyfford still museum 

truth be told, i am not a giant still fan. he's good. he has his moments, but he and i do not have a long intense art affair. but his museum? it's amazing. 

just look at the ceiling ! and it is really great to see his works in conversation this way.

also because they have EVERYTHING from the estate there are cool peeks into conservation and storage and his tools too [drool]. 

and now... here are the pola's for you. these 4 are impossible project 680 film 

the fancy tiger ribbons on 600. [one of my last packs. insert sob here]. 

and the signage. oh the signage. so much good signage. 


Anonymous said…
Thanks for a tour of Denver's art world....who'd a thought, eh?!? The Still Museum and the signage all around the city would make it interesting in their own right.

With these two posts, now I can see how/why you enjoyed yourself so much!
Jacqui Dodds said…
Wow great place to visit Lisa and love your sketchbooks with your 'I am not a....' series.
If I go to an exhibition I sometimes take notes in a sketchbook but it's a great idea to sketch mini versions of the artwork.

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