wichita :: part 1

hello hello.

i am here. i have been SUPER busy. pics of the 1000 doily install to come - i promise. if you want to see what i've been posting in terms of process... click here

tomorrow i'll be taking some install shots of the exhibition - and i'm hoping to get the video surveillance footage of all 4 days of install... i can't wait to see that myself actually. in the meantime... i'll show you where i'm staying.

fisch haus - it's an artist run/artist built space. and if you had asked what me what an artist loft should look like when i was 16 years old... i'd say this space. it's a thrill to live here while i'm in wichita [but truth be told i won't miss dragging 7 bags of groceries up 2.5 flights of tall stairs].

the heart of the loft is the kitchen. and they are chefs. lots of knives. 

off the kitchen is what i'm calling the library. 

the very comfy living room area

this is patrick duegaw's studio. his wife elizabeth stevenson is also an artist/architect.

there is an amazing sun porch with a roll up door that opens out. from here you can see downtown. it faces west so the sunsets are pretty nice too. 

i love how they've used reclaimed windows and doors throughout the space. 

but my favorite space just might be the bathroom. because the tub is elevated and you can see the whole other area of the living space from it. 

you can tell that they have spent a lot of blood sweat and tears making the space into what it is. it's great too because everyone in town asks where i'm staying and they all seem to know or have heard about this space.

more soon. 


J Lu said…
Okay I was wondering what all the kansas references meant on instagram. Congrats on your residency, lady! I remember when we talked about residencies in prof practs and I'm so glad your getting to do this. Have so much fun and enjoy this crazy awesome loft.
That loft is insane! There's so much to look at, it's awesome. And I like seeing the image of the ladder to the tub, I was trying to imagine that.
Anonymous said…
It IS awesome, believe me!
arianek said…
LOOOOVE it. It is like the imaginary dream artist loft! <3

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