upcoming classes

well hello.
i guess i got a little swept up with kansas activities. i'll be posting more on my installations and the other activities i did while there shortly, but in the meantime i just wanted to give local folks a heads up.

i'm teaching a couple of classes and would love for you to join me if you are interested.

first up is one for you and the kiddos [and the little will be coming with me]
Sunday :: August 10 :: 4-5:30pm
embroider with your kids. AKA turn one of their awesome drawings into an embroidery !
they draw - then we can all stitch. so fun !

you can sign up on their website HERE [$40 for you and a kid, $15 for additional family members]

next up is a hand appliqué class at britex [can i just tell you HOW EXCITED i am to be teaching there? it's like the west coast mecca for fabric. seriously]. AND britex is offering the class for a mere $25. YES. you read that right. it's a deal. as of today [fri august 1st - there are 5 spots left]. 

Saturday :: August 16 :: 1:30-3:30
sign up HERE

they also wrote a lovely post on me/my studio on their blog. they visited right as i was getting ready to pack up for kansas, so you can see a studio in it's true messy state. no staging going on ;) 

be back soon. happy august !


Anonymous said…
looks like great fun for adults and kids!!
melissa s. said…
LOVE the monster!! Wish we lived closer!!

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