wichita :: thifting

i had sort of hoped that i would be able to find some good thrifting while in wichita.

turns out i could have rented a uHaul truck and come back with it and then some. it was like thrifting heaven. seriously.

here's a smattering [there are still a few things i haven't photographed yet] of what i brought back.

kids metal plates

mccoy vases/planters

globe bank

baking goods [scale i already had]

christmas ornaments [i already have a big collection but when you come upon a box that is $4 and 50% off you can't say no]

bristle brush mini-wreath

60's vinyl floral bags

pyrex and hand embroidery

1980's shoulderpad dress

this is just a smattering of what i LEFT BEHIND. oy.

i return to wichita next week for their bruce conner opening [and technically mine as well. who ever thought i'd share an opening with BRUCE CONNER?]. i'm hoping to dash around to a few stores in my short time there.... 

also soon i'll post all about the piece i made while i was there. promise.


Anonymous said…
Treasure trove is probably a more accurate description! I especially like the embroidery piece. And you look smashing in the dress, by the way.

Taking an extra large suitcase with you when you go back next week?!?

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