21 January 2015

in the studio with nike schroeder

nike shroeder is a bad ass. you can see from the photo above that we have similar sensibilities. she also shows with walter maciel gallery and through him we have become friends. 

when i was in LA putting up my show i was lucky enough to visit her studio in downtown LA. there was a lot of swooning and shop talking about threads [how cotton threads lie differently than silk. ah. i might be able to count on 1 hand the people with which i could have this conversation]. 

in the spirit of past in the studio posts i asked nike a few questions. 

thread? love. arranged by color? love even more. 

quick – without thinking what is your favorite color RIGHT NOW?

My favorite color is always a variation of white (I know that it is not really a color but the fact that it is actually all colors is what I love the most)

the detritus is so amazing. 
what is your favorite comfort food?


you were recently included in a book called stitch draw - can you give us any insight to the piece you contributed ?

I did not really know what that book was going to be but I was familiar with Rosie James’ work and really liked it. I trusted her and gave her a bunch of images from which she chose from. She decided on a couple of figurative works out of my fundamental reports series which I showed at Walter Maciel Gallery. She really did all the work….

what book/tv show/song/blog/insert whatever it is here/ is just making you SO happy RIGHT NOW?

www.ignant.de is a Berlin based blog, that I have been reading since they first started. They have grown so much over the years and I find their selection inspiring and well- filtered.

a self portrait ;)

do you have an art/studio routine that makes everything go smoother? Would you share it with us?

don’t have a routine at all! I just go, see what I find and then go with it. 
I guess that makes things easier, just going with it and not trying to force anything planned. I learned that a lot over the years - the best thing that can happen to you are mistakes and embracing them. Otherwise shit’s gonna stay bumpy.

thanks nike. can't wait until you next show and until i see you again.... xo
you can find nike on instagram too. 

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous colors and embroidery threads. No wonder you are so simpatico with her work!

It is lovely to my eyes as well....