the little turns SIX today.
how is that possible? one step closer to BIG kid.

yes. i am THAT parent. the one who can transport back to that moment when i first saw her. tiny. premature. with a pink and blue hat on. bundled in a bunny blanket [you still have an affinity for them. the ones we brought home from the hospital]. the nurse shielded her eyes and she opened them. for one second. not really to look at me, but i took her in. and then they whisked her away.

the first time i held her her head fit in my palm and her feet didn't reach the crook of my elbow. and now...

they [who are "they"] say that having a child both speeds up and slows down time. the days are long the years are quick [that's it right?]. how is it that "they" are so often so right? the rebel in me wants to declare otherwise, but i'd be lying. that's exactly how it feels.

i'd be lying if getting goodies and treats ready for a CLASSROOM [26 students!] is a breeze.

but i'd also be lying if i didn't admit that part of me really likes it.
it's an excuse to wrap, to plan, to bake. she helped put the bags together - it's a chance to talk about sharing, community, the spirit of celebration.

but in the end. it's all for that big huge smile that comes when one is 6 and a cake covered with sprinkles and a hello kitty candle is placed in front of one. yes it is.


Mailisha said…
Sweet post. My little girl just turned six as well. I went to town making her a fun party, too...
Anonymous said…
THANKS for sharing such poignant feelings! Yes, parenthood is a very, very special and unique, lifelong kind of love.

Then grandparenthood is another level altogether....adoring one's grandchild AND getting to see one's beloved 'child' being the kind of parent one would hope for. A DOUBLE blessing all rolled up into one!!

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle as well as the periodic stress of raising a little one, try to savor it as well. As 'they' say, it all goes by very, very quickly!!
emily said…
holy cow SIX!!! happiness and joy to all of you, lisa! xoxo.

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