a new plea for help

calling all internets. calling all you people who have things lying around your house that are bright and colorful and filling up junk drawers, getting piled by your kids, sitting in dust under the sofa....

christine buckton tillman  and i are having a show [this show has been years in the making. we've known each other online forever and have always talked about doing a show together] in baltimore. at gallery CA. in july. 

and it's called chroma. 
and we need STUFF.
your stuff.  

things are starting to come it [it's like christmas], but we need more. 
there'a blog where you can see what people are sending.

if you think you know what you want to send - then just go ahead mail it to me [please! just know you won't get it back. and it should fit in an envelope. read the post above for all the deets]

lisa solomon
po box 99534
emeryville, ca 94662

the more we get the cooler [and harder, but in a good way] this will be. so please. send us stuff and get your friends to send stuff. 

[did i mention i love how the internet does this? i do. so much. the power of the ask and the way you all respond to these asks is indeed an amazing thing to be a part of].


theresa weller said…
Hi Lisa, I have spent a good part of the morning reading your blog after seeing something you posted on Instagram and I wanted to say THANK YOU for posting and writing and taking such great photos. Not many blogs carry my interest but yours is varied and written in a "real" voice. I don't know how you do all you do with a little and teaching and all the rest that comes with that but it impresses me. I know writing a blog makes the writer wonder, "is anyone out there appreciating this?" So I wanted to let you know I am.

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