looking at art

i cajole my students to look at art. every week - i tell them go look at art over your weekend. what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? 

i went to see nicole phugrasamee fein's show at hosfelt gallery. she and i were a year apart in grad school. she is the closest living artist i can think of to agnes martin. her watercolors are subtle and amazing. so perfectly imperfect. [but mostly perfect]. 

the highlight of the visit was definitely surabhi saraf's video FOLD

a striking tribute to unacknowledged work [this was skillfully put by my friend kelly inouye -i think you might even hear her say it in the clip below]. this is one of the most stunning and beautiful video pieces i've ever seen. i want it. and for me to say that about video ? hell might be freezing over. 

jay kelly

i really wanted to go to the opening for my friends jay kelly and marc d'estout at jack fischer gallery, but i couldn't make it. so i stopped in today instead. 

jay kelly
what a smart pairing. i've known jay for a long time now. when i worked at graystone gallery we showed his work. i loved it then, and i love it now. he recently started making these incredibly quirky sculptures. they are part DIY minimalist, part sci-fi, part oddity... but really engaging.

jay kelly

marc d'estout
marc's work is slicker. more refined, and in some ways edgier... but has a similar quirk to it. such appealing shapes - a great mix of aesthetic proportions and surface tension/design.

the conversation between marc and jay's works was really great. you should see the show if you are local.
marc d'estout

you should also go see single ladies at rare device by my pal courtney cerruti

over and out on the art report...


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing these. I really liked Jay's sculpture. Interesting that he uses Japanese paper as part of it, eh?!?
Susan Schwake said…
oh gosh those sculptures are right up my alley. i am so far away from my tribe right now. thanks for the art fix! XO

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