trames - a show in france

several months ago lydia rump [a talented artist in her own right] invited me to make a piece for an exhibition at galerie look & listen in st. chamas, france. truth be told she invited me to come too. and gosh i wish i could. france is on my must visit list. but alas, it is not yet my time. 

the thing i love about making work for a single group show is that it allows for a bit of freedom. a chance to pursue a singular idea that maybe doesn't fit into all the other work you are doing.

i decided i wanted to paint watercolor squares. little ones. that matched some amazing wool merino yarn that i bought when ruth singer [yet another great artist] was in town and we did an east bay textile shop tour. 

the squares and gradation of color reminded me of joseph albers [maybe more of his wife anni actually]... and cross stitch. so i decided to add the thread colors to match. each color shift [there were 4] had one more row of squares. i thought i'd leave the top row clear of stitching and stitch each row beneath. slow going that stitching. 

but totally worth it in the end. 

the space between.
in Trames
opens march 21 [hi spring equinox]

i can't imagine anyone that reads this might go, but... if you do... say hello to my piece.


Anonymous said…
I WISH I could see it in person in France! NOT gonna happen, however. So, maybe we could see it here in the Bay Area...hint, hint, hint. Assuming it does not sell there, of course.
emily said…
lovely lovely beautifully wonderful. of course! xo.
magali catteau said…
OMG!! My parent live near there (10km) and I am going there whithin 2 weeks!! What was the odds of that?
I will try to go and take apicture of it...
I wished for some time to be able to see some exhibit of hours and it seems that I was heard : your art is coming to me ;)

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