what i'm working on

my classes [oh so much grading]

a new class that i'll be teaching in a few weeks called visual literacy.

the workshops for craftcation

a piece that is off to france [this is the backside]

organizing and shipping off the 1000 doilies to their new PERMANENT HOME [do a dance here] at the Ulrich Museum of Art. they decided that the 2 - 1000 doily pieces needed to live together and after a long approval process they were acquired !

a revamp of my website website [finally]

and other things for the chroma show [have you seen all the stuff we are getting? SO EXCITING. we still need more - so keep sending stuff in!]

i had originally intended to do the 1000 doily piece again, but... yeah. now that won't work. so i'm doing a smaller doily installation. most of the images here have to do with it. i'll reveal more shortly.


Anonymous said…
Busy, busy, busy.....bzzzzzzzz goes the bees!

Congrats on the Wichita museum taking both of your pieces.
Hena Tayeb said…
great colors.. they look like macroons.
congrats on the Wichita Museum opportunity.
emily said…
i love knowing what you're working on. and also that i'm going to SEE you soon! lalalalaaaa! xoxo.

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