this was my first craftcation. i had heard great things, but you never know right? well let me tell you - it really was a perfect experience. hotel on the beach? hundreds of craft/art minded people? classes and panels galore?  what is NOT to like?

the ventura pier

the life towers are stunning. 

on the way down i listened to johnny cash - this line from the man comes around stuck in my head. when i arrived and was given some gold washi tape in my welcome kit, i made a little sketch. 

the first class i taught was color theory. i was a little nervous to condense what can easily be a 15 week course into 3 hours. but somehow we made it work ! 

i think part of it was the amazing enthusiasm of the students. they are gung ho and ready to go. 

here's a post from kimberly ;) the student who wins the prize for the most organized color chart ever. and i got to meet ashley in that class too [and a whole host of other great students whose info i didn't manage to gather properly] with whom i later had a wonderful conversation. 

part of what was so amazing was meeting people face to face... some i've known for years... some i had just met... some i'd secretly kind of stalked... some i missed because they moved away - like meighan - just our talks alone would have made the trip worth is. 

i got to take an indigo dye class with karri meng from french general which was SO much fun. 


this is what i made ! [such dark indigo. and now i know more tricks !]  cathy was her assistant and she was SO much fun to chat with. and she lives in summerland - minutes away from santa barbara where i went to high school. i also got to meet karri's sister molly meng who shares a studio with another friend robert mahar [who couldn't make it - waaah].

i also took cathy callahan's  ombre dye class. her techniques are really going to help me with a studio project i have in mind. in that class i got to know shaerie who runs sew-la better - i've taught classes there, but we never really HUNG out. and it was pure joy. we bonded over small children and surviving the first couple of years of motherhood. also met and laughed with rosalie [with whom i share many a mutual friend]

i roomed with courtney ! and pup charlie [drawn below] ! and i finally finally finally got to meet blair face to face. this was a huge thrill ! it's been like 10 years in the making. 

i got to see abby for second...

my good friend nichole drove up from LA for the night and gifted me robert kaufman kona bundles that i covet and will treat like sculptures. 

i taught a block printing class to an overcrowded class, but no one seemed to mind. that summed up everything about this conference. it felt so generous, so open, so genuine. nicole and delilah said that this year they didn't want a keynote speaker because we were all each other's keynote... and that rung really true. 

from this class i got to know emma [who works for fiskars!], christine from chocolate and steel [her prints are above], my instagram friend parabolic muse, and jennifer crowe who makes jewelry.

i also made it to superbuzzy. dangerous dangerous store !

and i laughed. so many good friends. many close friends from here and near that i don't actually get to see very often. we laughed. we ate. we drove to ojai and had ice cream. we swapped stories. and we laughed some more. 

so thank you elizabeth and christina for hosting the creative live breakfast that got so many of us together one morning [and for hanging out]

to jen - who so aptly said we have to go to so cal to hang out? yes we do, but it was so worth it. when else can we get mati, tiffany, diana, alexi, christine and the afore mentioned shaerie, megan, meihgan, and courtney in the same room [or bright red bathroom in mexican restaurant as the case may be]. 

thank you craftcation. i really really had a good time. you've made a magical conference and i'm so glad i was invited to participate. 

see all the photos from everyone tagged #craftcation15 on instagram for more insight into the weekend. i have a sinking feeling i've forgotten to mention someone or link to them. i apologize for this. it was SUCH a full weekend i feel like i can't remember it all.... xo


Love this post, Lisa! Great photos and re-cap! xo

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