baltimore workshop + podcasts

hi there - just a couple of quick FYI's [longer post on buddha hands and letterpress a coming]


i head to baltimore next week !!! crazy chroma installation here i come. i will be teaching an embroidery workshop while i'm there - on Saturday July 11th from 10:00-1:30. we'll be doing embroidered portraits, but we'll also be eating and chatting and at the end i'll show/discuss my work a bit if people are interested. 

tickets for the event are available here. it's $75 and the artist hosting the event in her studio has all the supplies [altho feel free to bring your own floss/fabric]. if you are in Baltimore i'd love to stitch with you !


the very sweet and talented Sandi interviewed me for her podcast... we met at craftcation and she's an amazing quilter/maker. we talk a lot about being happa [she is too] and the social practice aspect of my work and and and.... 

and did i ever link to my other podcast with Meighan O'Toole? [one of the coolest ladies on the planet?] well she just redid her site. so it's a new link... and so i'll tell you about it again. 

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